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    PTR Build 14313, Season 9 end on June 28th, Tier 12 Final Model/Color Preview

    Patch 4.2 - PTR Build 14313
    Another bugfix build has been deployed on test realms tonight. That one really didn't have any interesting changes and it looks like the June 28th release date shouldn't be reported, I'll assume Blizzard is done at this point.

    End of Season 9 Postponed for 1 Week
    The patch won't hit the live servers next week and as predicted, it means the Arena Season will end later than expected.
    Originally Posted by Zarhym (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    As an update, Season 9 will be ending no earlier than June 28.

    [...] Unfortunately, there are many logistical reasons for why we needed to push back the end date to the 28th. Keep in mind our original announcement said it could end "as early as June 21." It wasn't an absolute confirmation of the end date. The announcement now says it could end "as early as June 28", which means it's still not guaranteed to end that day. It just depends on if all of our other ducks are in a row.

    Tier 12 Armor Sets - Final Model/Color Preview
    Tier 12 Armor Sets models on actual T12 set items have been available on test realms for a few days and we finally know what will be the color of every version of Tier 12 Armors! If everything goes according to plan, there will be another small update later this week, with multi-race + video previews for each class.

    Tier 12 Armors - All Classes
    Normal Mode
    Heroic Mode

    Death Knight
    Normal Mode
    Heroic Mode

    Normal Mode
    Heroic Mode

    Normal Mode
    Heroic Mode

    Normal Mode
    Heroic Mode

    Normal Mode
    Heroic Mode

    Normal Mode
    Heroic Mode

    Normal Mode
    Heroic Mode

    Normal Mode
    Heroic Mode

    Normal Mode
    Heroic Mode

    Normal Mode
    Heroic Mode
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    I really like the color schemes on the both versions of the Rogue tier. It -almost- makes me want to play my Rogue.

    The Paladin tier looks almost identical from normal to heroic though; that is disappointing. Still looks cool though.

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    Sad hc shaman looks more neat

    ---------- Post added 2011-06-18 at 10:48 AM ----------

    Links to shaman doesnt work.

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    It gives me 404 Error
    All of it.

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    Yep, links doesnt work.

    Works now.
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    The news post went up a little earlier than expected. >< Uploading, everything will be fixed in 3 mins, sorry about that.

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    404 Error ftl :| On that note loving my paladin set and even my warlock set. I get to go from a weird looking batman to a pretty decent spiderman

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    The news post went up a little earlier than expected. >< Uploading, everything will be fixed in 3 mins, sorry about that.
    3 min? What I'm gonna do in the mean time?
    Time to watch my own videos to boost my ego again!

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    They all look great in my opinion!
    I love the Heroic version of the pally set, those colors remind me of the Judgement set, I wish my pally was raiding hehe

    The rogue one doesn't have as much appeal as the others one but it still look cool.

    I can't believe so many people have to hate on Blizzard's art team saying that most tiers sucks now.

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    Glad they postphoned it, that means they want it to be "perfect". They don't care if people will complain, they want to make it good.
    When I want to log out, where's the save button? I can't find it anywhere, been logged in for three years now.

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    Just me or is the posting box thingy kinda bugged?

    Like the hunter sets best.

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    i sure hope this long ass wait for firelands is worth it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrowstorm View Post
    3 min? What I'm gonna do in the mean time?
    Time to watch my own videos to boost my ego again!
    Complain with the others!

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    I'm very curious about how hunter set will look on worgen. Hopefully not dumb and/or clumsy.

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    Shaman hc set looks awesome , lock heroic set isnt that bad but normal version looks better (maybe because color fits its theme i dont know)

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    priests have to hope their shoes/boots do not have shoelaces, as they're never going to see them. priests across azeroth should start saying goodbye to the lower half of their bodies now!

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    All HC versions look so damn cool. *Cry cry* i won't clear hc for a long time.

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    After so many years and patches tier sets have finally stopped looking clownish and in my opinion are almost as good as classic sets. Wow community rejoice!

    Edit: Well maybe I've gone too far with this "almost as good as classic" but nevertheless those are good looking sets.
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    Where's the damn kilts for mah druid :

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    Why you always using the human race for the T12 previews? I'm playing an Orc DK and i would like to see the DK T12 preview with an Orc !

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