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    These look horrible. Probably the very worst sets I've ever seen since launch. What are they thinking, after the cool looks that are out presently? It's like the top art guy moved on to Diablo, and they hired a rug maker to fill his shoes.

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    Honestly I think they look way better than some of the previous tiers. Tier 7/8 in Wrath made all melee look like robot humanoids. They look half decent for tier 11 in the videos I saw.

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    I hope they fix the T12 Normal Mage for females before patch comes out. It's missing the small zigzag on the chest that appears on the male versions, but ALSO appear on the heroic female version.

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    I'm sadden by the the Rogue heroic tier =/

    I though it was going to be the white version


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    still no update on how to obtain 391ilvl belts? They are in the game files but no where to be seen on PTR

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    Lawl zaryhm has made himself pretty unpopular with pvpers recently. First with his comments about the guards in Tol Barad now this. Then again, Blizzard has sort of dropped the ball on pvp entirely. Arenas buggy, imbalanced and season going for too long, exploiting rampant, poor rewards. Regular BGs, bot ridden grinds that everyone hates. Rated BGs, hardly anyone does them, nerfed rewards. World PvP, stuffed due to guards. Apparently the population of PvP servers has taken a big hit with Cataclysm, we're seeing a lot of the low pop realms being PvP servers, and its not really hard to see why.

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    so......were priests chewing at their stiches too much so they needed the cone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    Complain with the others!
    Hey boub it sounds to me like you'd like to go on a nice walk on the beach with me to relieve some stress.

    P.S. I know you're not a girl
    P.P.S. No I'm not gay
    P.P.P.S I'd still like to take you out to a nice seafood dinner

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    boring, just my opinion

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    druid and especially druid heroic set looks badass! warrior as well, golem shoulder plates, ugh!

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    The 28th shouldn't be reported?


    No idea what you mean Boub, please clarify.
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    Its amazing how blizzard managed to do a full tier of sets awful. Really, did they move their entire art department to the so called "titan"? Its unbeliviable. I say again, they should re think this of making sets themed after instances, specially this wanna be one.

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    I'm sure all these tiers had to be personally OK'd by Bobby Kotick himself before put into production.

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    "it looks like the June 28th release date shouldn't be reported" What does that mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by daburton View Post
    Learn your math. The loss was a hell of a lot more than .02%. The 600k is a 5% loss in subscriber base AND thats assuming that initial loss is the only loss they've had in customer base. I look around the realm I look around my guild and I see a lot more active player loss than that. Maybe they havent unsubscribed yet, but I've seen 2 entire 25 man guilds gutted down to 2 players where the rest of them just quit playing and moved onto other games. No they didnt jump guilds, their toons are still there. No they didnt go to alts. Pretty much all of them have said they're done with caty and may be back next xpac. I dont think thats an abnormal number and that my realm or experience is "unique". You can be a frog standing in a pot of water as it boils on the stove and not feel the heat rising about you or you can take off the myopic blinders and see what is really happening.
    Especially since the 600k loss is on March 1st, and 3 more months are passed without new raids.

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    Hmm why do all the normal tier gears look better than the heroic...

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    I never thought I would say this, but Paladin tier is one of if not the best looking set of all the tier sets. Firelands Inquisitor for the win!

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    Mage: Red bird standing by!

    also wtf is the deal with the priest armor? it looks like a glas bowl could pop up anytime and the priest just went space mode. i think they mixed starcraft with wow to much here..
    can't be unseen that it looks like a space suit
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    WTF? Was the duck bill allways there on the ret gear?

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    Heroic hunter gear looks like a satin outfit.

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