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    Well, I won't be able to give you Marine style info and I know their Boot Camp is 5x harder than Army, but I'll give you a few tips that I did for Army BCT.

    1) Stop all stimulants, meaning caffeine. If you are a heavy caffeine user like I was, you will go through a 10-15 day period of headaches. They will not allow you to have caffeine in BCT/Boot Camp.
    2) I used P90X, did 2 a day + ran 1-5 miles.
    3) Pay close attention to your legs, shin splints are common if you aren't incredibly active. . . They take time to heal if you damage them too much.
    4) Their goal is to piss you off. If you are a shitbag, you simply won't make it. They go home every night laughing about the stuff they do to you guys on a daily basis, realize that now. . . Let 90% of what they say go through one ear and out the other. They will purposefully do things to screw with you, get used to it. Your weapon will never be clean enough and if it is, they'll make you low crawl through sand until you've gotta clean it again.
    5) Do everything you are told, exactly how they tell you to do it and remove anything but the word "Yes" from your vocabulary. This will make the experience much easier.
    6) Despite what I conceived popular belief, you will not get a phone call.
    7) Pay attention to combat training, it could save your life one day.

    Overall, enjoy the experience and know that it is simply a hazing process/right of passage. It's three months of suck.
    Well Army infantry training is more in line with Marine training, just not other MOS's since they go onto AIT.

    Fort Benning Hooah!

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    People are mentioning running, but are leaving out that most of that running will be done in combat boots. Go out and get yourself the most uncomfortable pair of high-laced boots you can find (if you live near a military Exchange, get some black hot weather boots, not those nice comfortable desert boots) and run in them every day until December. You'll get blisters and such, but your feet will be used to the punishment by the time boot camp rolls around, and you'll be glad you put yourself through it on your own terms instead of theirs.

    And remember, if you're not puking, you're not running fast enough. Seriously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GarGar View Post
    And remember, if you're not puking, you're not running fast enough. Seriously.
    And don't stop to puke. Keep going, and puke off to the side. XD
    "And if it ends with both of us dying in an explosion taking out a Reaper - remember, I took the killshot." ~ Garrus Vakarian

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    You dont have to take any supplements while using P90x. You can at home, but they are not necessary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marine1 View Post
    Well you see on the other side of that, I had friends who went to Parris Island and said they hated the mosquitos out there - combined with being we a lot. Yeah I hear SERE school is a blast!
    During the winter time its Sand Fleas, which I can take a hell of a lot better than mosquitoes :P

    Quote Originally Posted by Alexandrus View Post
    Rule #1 about anything military, OPSEC. Never disclose anything about when you'll be leaving anywhere for anything military related on a public forum. I know it sounds retarded, but a few of us in my old unit got grilled really hard for disclosing stuff like that on the internet. I know you're just starting out, so I'll take it easy on you. =P

    OT: I dunno exactly how the Marine Corps does it, but in the Army, workouts are varied depending on who's running PT. But as others have suggested, cardio, cardio, cardio.
    Thats interesting, did they ever give you a reason for such a thing?

    When I signed my papers they gave me no NDA really, other than telling me the whole "dont get in trouble or do anything illegal before you ship" document.

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