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    Dungeon Siege 2 - lan problem

    Me and my friend are trying to get Dungeon Siege 2 + DS2 Broken World to work on lan

    but getting some problems =/

    the installation and single player works 100% for both of us but when we are trying to go network my friend get some problem
    I can go into lan mode witout problem
    but when he try get get a error when enterting lan nickname

    "... is already being used by another player. Please choose another one"

    if he unplug the network he can get past the nickname thing but then we cant find each other games...

    we both think that must be something to do with hes network setting or somethin like that =/ tried serch for sulotion but cant find any decent thta works

    if anyone know anything that might work please help

    /Ty in advanced
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    lan nickname?
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