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    Going to sleep with pjs on, waking up completely naked.

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    To be woken up after someone has go-go'd. I wanted to be woken up before they go-go'd, not after.
    "The very existence of flame-throwers proves that some time, somewhere, someone said to themselves, 'You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I'm just not close enough to get the job done.'" - George Carlin

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    Shot in the side of the face with a bb gun.

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    I woke up to my dad stroking my hair whilst sitting on the side of my bed. Early morning (3ish) after he was out drinking all night. And I had work at 10am that day, have to get up at 8am to get ready (shower, eat, let the body do its shiz). So I had only gotten like 5 hours sleep, then woke up, then it took me another 2 hours to get to sleep because I'm a light sleeper. And you know how broken sleep makes ya feel right? >_>

    Edit: Also getting woken up by something tugging on your leg that had slipped out of the covers, only to sit up to see what it was, and have your older brother jump up from crouching at the base of your bed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KpEMuKoBcu View Post
    Two naked guys stroking your chest hair.
    God, you're a brave one.

    On topic, i've woke up on a lake on my airbed, with only a blanked on it. Ye, not such a cool prank

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    Waking up in the middle of a Human Centipede.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firebane View Post
    Cat's arse in your face.

    Top that !
    Woke up under my dogs arse
    But still not my worse xD

    I slept on my GF's couch after a night out but her mother forgot
    Woke up to her hitting me with a towel with a small brush in her hand screaming at me
    She still never apologised

    ^ Thanks to CrazyTaco93

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    Fire alarm. I woke up trying to turn my phone off cause I thought thats where the sound was coming off...
    Quote Originally Posted by Moshy
    I sometimes hold down my vent talk button when talking to people in real life.
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    When someone jumps on your back, always happen to me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashcrack View Post
    Worst way I've woken up is probably with my Rottweiler literally suffocating me, he still sits on my face now, it's like his morning ritual or something. ;_;
    Close the door?

    I wake up every day 'cos my cat wants to go outside at 3 am. (She scratches the door and makes noise).

    Worst way to wake up: Realising you forgot to do something that should have been done they day before.
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    Statix will suffice.

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    Waking up with The Worst Hangover Ever.

    'nuff said.

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    The past few days my cat has found a much more terrible way to ruin my morning than waking me up with her ass. She will curl up half on my pillow and half on my neck/shoulder, which won't take me up, but for the -whole- rest of the day it feels like someone jammed a spoon in between my vertebrae. She is sadistic.

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    don't pass out at a party, cuz you might wake up even more messed up then when you fell asleep!

    True story: Friends ordered a pizza, and most of the guys wanted jalapenos on the pizza but one guy said he hated them. Well they ended up ordering the pizza while getting drunk. That one guy passed out, and the others made sure he was asleep and slowly but surely rubbed jalapenos on his lips while he was asleep...Funny but terrible prank. He woke up crying like a girl.

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    Like the kid from that YouTube video where they're screaming in the car.

    Coincidentally I woke up at 3am last night I dreamed some alien was on top of me and according to my gf I threw the covers off and shouted "WTF is that?" then tried to push her out the bed. That was quite a shock for us both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flaminrifts View Post
    I slept on my GF's couch after a night out but her mother forgot
    Woke up to her hitting me with a towel with a small brush in her hand screaming at me
    She still never apologised
    Sounds like a great chance to beat the crap out of the daughter's boyfriend she doesn't like.

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    Imagine this , you wake up, open your eyes its still dark , your throat is sore becuse its summer. Want to get up to take glass of water but you cant. You just cant move your body at all. First time i was scared as hell, thing is called sleep paralysis and it happen to me from time to time, around 3-4 times a year.
    Abandon hope all ye who post here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tahum View Post
    Waking up in the middle of a Human Centipede.
    this or sleep paralysis

    ahh looks like the guy above beat me to it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revelations View Post
    The alarm clock I had - It was so horrible my body used to wake up a few minutes before it rang just to avoid the shock. O_o

    Now I have a nice radio-alarm clock.
    My alarm is like that. When it goes off, its like a loud goose honking in your ear. But I tried using my radio alarm clock once, and I slept through half of the day, missing most of school (high school, Luckily I had a test the next day, not this day). And I walked out of the room and my mum was like "Wtf? why aren't you at school? and then I looked at the kitchen clock...
    I never used the radio on that clock again, and now suffer deafening sudden wakeups.

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    Waking up, thinking there's a burglar in the house that uptairs has removed the carpet and is now slowly dragging the saloon table over the floor to make as much sound as possible, only to on the third time you go up to check it's your dad snooring. Happened when I was sixteen.

    Otherwise, waking up just to hear your wife say she's leaving you. Pretty much beats anything else here.

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    Worst way I've ever woken up, was by immense pain in one of my legs. It cramped up while I was sleeping, and litterally bent itself in a split second and locked itself there. Nearly almost yelled out in pain, I do not wish to try that again.

    Also tried waking up, standing up and ended up going down on my knees, apparently I stood up too fast. Crazy feeling.

    And lastly, generally speaking, being woken up in the military is never fun.
    'cept when you get called "Black Hawk" because the guys you're sharing room with painted your face black after having being out drinking.

    Thanks to Elyaan for the great sig!

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