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    Ashes Of Al'ar

    So 6 days ago, on tuesday i got my Ashes of al'ar..
    and ever since tuesday ive seen 2 people on my realm who've gotten it aswell
    in the days since i had it.

    do you think the drop rate has been stealth buffed?
    do you think it should be removed since so many have it already?

    tell me your thoughts!

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    RNG is RNG. i know some people that are still farming it since the day it came out, and i know people that got it on there first solo run on an alt.

    All random :I
    I know a Coss.
    I also know an EnforcerX.
    And sometimes, I know a Juraca

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    so you got it, 2 other ppl got it in a short period after u lets remove the items?

    u must be a troll...else, sry but this is just dumb

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    Quote Originally Posted by velvite View Post

    tell me your thoughts!
    They'd probably get me banned but in summary:
    RNG is RNG.
    "I got mine time to remove it"

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    this isnt a QQ thread, theres always 2-3 Ashes in orgrimmar when i get the chance to look... im just curious
    could also be im on a high pop realm but wow the ashes are dropping like crazy lol

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    Not as bad as the guy who got the eye of sulfuras on his first run, and was still running MC for his thunderfury, then got another eye on his 7th run.......... hope mine drops before the patch....

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    i agree, lets remove all items,achivements and titles as i have from the game, if a heavy amount of other persons have it aswell, take it away from them.

    /end sarcasm
    Rng is rng, you got lucky, so did they?
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    We're seeing more of the mount because a lot more people have picked up farming for it.

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    I am sorry to inform you that you are not the unique snowflake you think you are. And you will never become one. Other people -with lives completely seperate from yours- have the right to achieve the exact same things you have...
    Quote Originally Posted by Furkel View Post
    There's always, ALWAYS a "huge uproar" about anything Blizz does, usually from people who either don't entirely understand the thing they're complaining about, or refuse to acknowledge that most players are perfectly okay with the current state of affairs. Whenever people complain that they don't listen to feedback it mostly means "they don't listen to ME ME ME".
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    The mount should have been removed years ago.
    It's not cool to obtain this mount now and I really don't admire or look up to someone who has one anymore. I also completely don't have the need anymore to obtain one myself. It's awesome to have gotten this mount on level 70 but getting it at level 80+ is just lame.

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    A guildie got it a few weeks ago, so I went in the next day and got it as well.

    I haven't seen anyone else new with it though. Random things happen randomly, and you'll notice streaks of drops more than nothing, because when nothing is happening, there's nothing for you to notice.

    @ Gilian, that's silly. It's not about being unique, or the badge of having earned it at lvl 70. It's about having a cool looking mount. Not being fortunate enough to have it drop when farming the boss then shouldn't automatically rule it out down the line.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnowo View Post
    I am sorry to inform you that you are not the unique snowflake you think you are. And you will never become one. Other people -with lives completely seperate from yours- have the right to achieve the exact same things you have...
    i was just curious... :P
    i wasnt bragging or nothing. just. wondering.

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    lol the OP is like yessss I got it Imma special snowflake neener neener neeeeeenerrrr, now Blizz remove the item from the game so no one else can be as special as me.
    Quote Originally Posted by Traknel View Post
    Yes it is. In fact, the next expansion is going to be called "Mists of Metzen" and is just going to be various mobs with his face stuck on them.

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    You really expected to be the only person on your server to have a mount that's been in the game for four years?
    Garrosh did nothing wrong.

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    Yes, let's remove it from the game because you need to feel like a special little snowflake.

    Ah, no...that's not how it works sonny. It's called RNG = luck. And afaik, they haven't upped the drop-rate.
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    About the RNG. I always found that someone who works hard should get rewarded and not someone who is extremely lucky.
    I cought 25000 fish from one pool to get an achievement. I don't have the achievement yet. Some other guy got it after catching 50 fish. The difference is just retarded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by velvite View Post
    but wow the ashes are dropping like crazy lol
    No, it doesn't. You just want to be a snowflake, and now that you are one, you look after identical snowflakes - more than before. Done this too once with the Blue Proto-Drake in the middle of Wrath.

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    everyones taking this the wrong way,
    im new to the forums, how can i close a thread?

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    Yea this sure sounded like "Me haz! You no take candle!" to me.

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    Wow... no where in the OP did he say anything about being special...

    OT: It does seem like either the drop rate is higher or more people are trying for it. I do seem to see a few more around lately. And no i don't think it should be removed, anymore than the Raven mount should be. Sure it's a cool mount but it's still just another mount.

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