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    So i have a relatively new computer, and i want to be able to do one thing with it besides the internet/facebook etc. , play starcraft. Now it play starcraft wonderfully 40-50 fps on medium settings a lil higher i think 50-60 on low. But the problem comes when i play a little too long or theres a lot of action going on in game (think 4v4, 200/200 army) and it starts to overheat. Is there anything i can do to help this? It's a laptop so i can't really buy a new fan or w.e. but i'm looking for ways to possibly keep my computer cooler whatever they may be.

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    You can purchase laptop coolers from various manufacturer's such as Antec or Coolermaster.

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    Tricks to keep your laptop cool:

    Prop the back of the machine up using a triangular ruler - This gives it half a chance to get some airflow underneath it,
    Never use your laptop on your lap, or on any cloth surface - Put it on a tray (breakfast/dinner tray) instead then put the tray on the cloth surface (jeans, trousers, beds, carpets, duvets...)

    If all else fails then buy the laptop cooler:
    £6.65 ex vat
    (£7.98 inc vat)

    ... On the hunt for a new laptop ...

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