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    Where to buy pre-builts in the US

    A guildy of mine needs a new pc, but absolutely doesn't want to build it himself. He was looking at Maingear, but they seem super overpriced to me. I know Ibuypower has pretty good prices, does anyone know of anywhere better?
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    Cyberpowerpc.com is another good place to check that's where i got my desktop.

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    I have a Maingear from ~4 years ago. They're REALLY overpriced but the company is extremely helpful and will even help you past warranty. Around a year ago my ram started going bad and the speed has plummeted. As for my case (can't remember what it's exactly called) the design is somewhat poor. The PSU sits directly on top of the CPU/Heatsync and video cards so the system runs very hot, even with a good number of fans and an outside fan.

    However, they have come a long way in 4 years and the quality has improved a lot. Just looking at their current machines and reviews shows me how much. They're still a good bit on the expensive side because they're "luxury" computers.

    Cyberpower barely marks up what the parts actually cost and are generally a good place to buy from.

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    I also recommend Cyperpower. I've got an early i7 920 that I've had for over 2 years now from Cyberpower, it wasn't EXTREMELY expensive when I bought it (2200 for a pretty good system from 2 years ago) and the thing still runs like a champ. I'll most likely be going back to them in the next year when it is time to buy a new system.

    The only complaint that I have with them is that I ordered an additional exhaust fan for the side but because of the size of the CPU cooler, it couldn't fully fit and close the case, so they just threw it in the box and charged me for it.... Still, I do recommend them. Highly customizeable and good pricing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Evilmaniac View Post
    Cyberpowerpc.com is another good place to check that's where i got my desktop.

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    For a prebuilt in the USA. Best 2 options are these..



    However both these sites require a Build, Test, Then ship. Which can take up to 2 weeks before they even ship your PC, And this is if they do not run into any problems.

    However if your friend wants a Prebuilt without the Building wait period i sugggest checking out these spots..






    I purchased the GXI220 from CyberpowerPC on walmart, Purchased 2-3 day shipping. But because i live in the same state that the PC was shipped in (California) i got it the next buisness day.
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    yeah, sorry, no, I would never buy a PC from Wal-Mart, no matter if it's a CyberPower build.

    Then again, I wouldn't buy from CyberPower because I build my own, but meh.

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    ibuypower & cyberpower are really shady... i.e. people saying that their rigs came damaged, components not hooked up, components missing, etc. or just straight DOA.

    if you simply can't build and can't afford others, then use those i guess. if you have money to spare, originpc.com and digitalstormonline.com are the best to buy pre-built. they do lots and lots of stress tests, double checking, etc. and ship in wooden crates so your computer doesn't get damaged. they are more expensive, but they have excellent reputations (origin is the original alienware people, before dell bought them) and when you talk to their customer service, its guys who built the rigs not some CS jockey.

    originpc.com is my recommendation, then Digital Storm, then ibuypower if you wanna roll the dice.

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    Doghouse Systems. Great customer service, great builds, and great pricing. Definitely worth checking out.

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    Doghouse appears to be EXTREMELY overpriced.
    $1,100 for an i3-540 and a HD 5750?

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    Wow Doghouse is really overpriced for what they offer, I just look at the PC with the i3 540 and 5750 for 1.1k$ and is their cheapest PC. What do they offer with that PC? Free hugs for life?

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