Does anyone here participate in paint balling? Looking for some other people who do.

What marker do you use? I currently have an Invert Mini, but I'm looking to get one that my step-sister & GF could both use (buying 2 of the same ones). They have both tried the mini & they really can't use it. I'm looking for something for more of a beginners for them, but that will last & can still be used up in an advanced range of play.

I've looked at the Tippman 98, took them into a shop that allowed them to shoot a few rounds, but they didn't like the hold as they both said it was an awkward fit.

They both liked the Spyder Pilot (no eyes) so I'm thinking of getting them both a Spyder Pilot with eyes as I've played with that a few times & it was pretty good even using Co2.

Anyone else have any other thoughts on markers I should be looking at?