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    Depends what's clean

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    chopsticks! forks are for dorks, spoons are for loons. chopsticks you can't rhyme to make people feel silly so nyah.
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    Fork if with other food on the plate
    If i'm eating rice by itself - spoon wins
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    No, I don't eat rice with a spoon or a fork. Thank you for asking. I use chopsticks. In Japanese they are called "ohashi". It is actually easy and fulfilling to eat rice with chopsticks. The trick is to pick up your bowl and use it to your advantage. It also makes rolling the rice in seaweed, or eating with sour plums - any number of things - easier.

    When it comes to curry or stew - or anything liquidy that you add to rice - a spoon is much preferred, though. Still, it feels pretty normal to use chopsticks for both rice and noodles.

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    who eats rice with a spoon>? you would like a proper mong

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    i would eat ice cream with a fork

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    Quote Originally Posted by undercovergnome View Post
    who eats rice with a spoon>? you would like a proper mong
    Quite many Asians do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bamahut View Post
    I use chopsticks, nothing else for asian food!
    Agreed, what the hell kind of a poll is this.

    I haven't picked up a fork or a spoon in months.

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    I use a fork.

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    I eat most my meals with chopsticks. I just don't like eating with forks or spoons :S.

    (and I was born and raised in the netherlands, only related to people from this country)

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    Fork is quite for everything. Soup, maybe not.

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    And chopsticks if im in the mood.

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    Always fork, I don't think I know anyone who eats rice by itself. So if you eat anything with it most definately a fork.

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    Fork, I don't really go to chinese/japanese restaurants (might be because there are none in my town), plus I'm manually retarded and would probably seriously hurt myself if I tried using chopsticks.
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    lol what´s with the chopstick guys in this thread? we get it, you´re really cool and rebels but the question was
    Do you eat rice with a spoon or a fork?

    fork here

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    Fork for me. I spoon it out of what I cooked it in with a spoon though...oddly.

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    If I'm having the rice as part of a chinese meal, chopsticks.

    If it's with Chilli or Risotto, then I use a fork.
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