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    You know you play too much WoW when.....

    This thread is just for laughs

    basicly just post things people might do if they play to much wow (can be fictional :P)
    I'll start it off

    You know you play too much wow when...

    You wonder why all the hunters have the same pet when you walk through your local dog park
    you see someone wearing a red scarf and worry that they're a Defias bandit
    You don't look for the mall directory...instead, you look for the nearest security guard...

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    You know you play too much wow when...

    You get completely bored and cancel your subscription?

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    When the Fruit Punch Gatorade is a health potion, my Mountain Blue Gatorade is a mana potion, and the Lime Lemon Gatorade ahead of me is my Golemblood Potion.

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    when you stop on your way out the door, heading to the store, thinking "wait wheres my buffs?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mimp View Post
    when you stop on your way out the door, heading to the store, thinking "wait wheres my buffs?"
    Your avatar is the only "im in your..." that has ever made me laugh.

    I think that means i play warcraft to much.

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    When you're in the grocery store, and your mother says, "Okay, time to go find the bread." And then you think to yourself, "No problem. I'll just hit M and see where the bread aisle is located." Then you suddenly realize that you don't have an M button in front of you to hit, nor do you own a map of the grocery store.

    When you're standing in the lunch line and realize you're a few dollars short. To remedy this problem, you turn to your buddy (who, mind you, does not play WoW), and ask to borrow a couple of gold for food.

    Both of these have happened to me.
    Quote Originally Posted by Crazia View Post
    Your mom is so fat shes the reason blizzard made a limit on mage food.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rucati View Post
    If words bother you that much perhaps you should try being amish so you can avoid them.

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    You know you play to much warcraft when you see a hot chix dating a douchebag, you come close to her and ask her 'excuse me, miss. Why is a blood elf paladin such as you dating with an ogre?'

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    ... when u r done with work and wish u could hearth home.

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    When you're in the store with their mother, then proceed to tell her "Afk, Brb" and try to go on follow of her.

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    When you start wearing a cape and call yourself a paladin while doing good deeds around town.

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    you are over 20 and havent gotten laid?

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    you know you play too much WoW...
    when you try so hard casting a fireball like a troll, while you're taking a heroic dump.

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    When your microwave says "ding" and you say "grats"

    Tbh, can't believe no one made this yet xD.

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    You play too much WoW, when your in Australia on vacation reading mmo-champ. BOOM.

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    Haven't really had any of these moments but I had one with Fifa the other day...

    I was watching a game of football on t.v, whenever the ball was being kicked around I'd watch for the little yellow "X" on the floor to see where it's going to land. >.<

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    When you see someone far away and for a split second think i can life grip them to me
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    If you go to a hotel before logging out (sleep) just for the rested exp

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    When you get a phone call and say that your GF is offline..

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    When you've seen this thread be recreated more times then you can remember.

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    You know you play warcraft to much when your girl friends panties is a rare drop.

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