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    I usualy try to laugh at them and try to show myself ignorant so they get more pissed.

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    is the OP KRS1?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linry View Post
    laugh and smile at them, nothing will tick them off more.
    That one day this dude at a bar that was way bigger then me was talking shit, sooo i turned around looked at him and busted out laughing and told him to go jack him self up with steroids and try to find his small penis turned around had the bar laughing at him and he left never saw him there again lmao!

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    I just ignore/laugh at them.

    One good thing about being huge is that it keeps the average jerks away... but then again it also draws in the "extreme" jerks who think a bit too much of themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tybudd33 View Post
    is the OP KRS1?
    Lol no but the avatar is

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    My usual response to people telling me off for whatever asinine reason is: "What makes you think I care anything you have to say" or "It's sweet that you think your opinion matters to me" .... or some other variation thereof. There is no need for swearing, yelling unpleasantries - just let people know, in a polite manner, that their opinion means jack shit to you and you're not going to change whatever you're doing. It usually works too. People are genreally dumbstruck when you inform them they are not the center of the world.

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    You should just ignore him and go around him (by going off the sidewalk for the second it takes) instead of being a jerk yourself

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    "Umad bro?" or "Do I look like I give a shit what you think" It pisses them off to no end, they start flipping out yelling things like "I'm not your fucking BRO!" or "fuck you man!", and then I laugh. If they try something else I react accordingly with more trolling (if it's verbal abuse from them) or violence (if they get violent).

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    Quote Originally Posted by nutty323 View Post
    so for your ego you decided to ride into him but he jumped out of the way. hm thats not very smart if you had hit the guy. oh and don't think just cause your the bigger ahole won't mean people won't go after you.
    No it was to mess with the big guys ego he did it.. I would have done the same, the big guy needed a lesson.
    Baldie started the whole shit by spreading his arms out like a retard, instead of just choosing one side, so both could pass.
    Nothing wrong in giving back to people who generally needs a wake up call. Just make sure you are within the law.

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    ignore them , since im to lazy to deal with them ;[]

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    Be as nice as possible with them.

    It makes them furious.
    I accidentally my signature

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    You did the right thing. The moment he did what he did, all bets were off. If you could have smacked him in the head as you rode by, you should have done it.

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    I'm usually condescending to them. It's easy since most jerks aren't too bright. Making the jerk feel how stupid he is, is far more rewarding (to me) than just being a jerk back. Of course, if things get too heated, the cussing while putting them down is fine as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Tygry View Post
    I'm usually too much of a pushover to dish it back. Having somewhat of an art background, I'd probably take an approach similar to this if I were to retaliate:

    The ones I'll never hear from/see again: Don't care enough to do much of anything. I did my time as a retail flunkie so I've grown a thick skin as far as unfounded a-holiness goes.
    Oh god, that was magnificent.

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    I was walking down the street where I live the other day, minding my own business, when all of a sudden I see a kid on a bike.. I held out my arms to stop him, so I could tell him about these bike lanes we have, and that it would be safer if he traveled there..

    But then the kid speeds up, and he even tries to HIT ME! I was shocked, to the say least. I had to jump out of the way, luckily I didn't get hit by a car.

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    "Umadubad bromenbr0" usually works

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    Youre a hero, when i read it i thought you were gonna say he pushed you or something, "you know what fuck you" is legendary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beanburrito View Post
    I don't understand this. Normally, I am very patient and nice with angry people, try to dissolve problems quickly. More often then not it never works, and I'm left feeling BAD. I later contemplate how I could of told this person of and how good it would make me feel to give them what they deserve.

    When I did this, I felt a surge of confidence that I really don't have, being a pushover. I've actually been happy all day about it.

    How does it make you stronger to let people treat you like shit? Have you ever heard of how people who work hardcore retail feel? Most of them hate their jobs and are depressed people because of constantly having to be nice to dickheads.
    First of all, I am not speaking specifically about ur bike situation but more in general as response to the question in ur topic. I didn't say let people treat you like shit. There is a difference between weakness and kindness, they aren't the same. You can be kind and strong at the same time. You could be kind to someone who is being rude to you becuse you know he is acting this way due to his frustration with life or due to much stress in life that he is not handling all that well. If I insult you and you return my insult with kindness, I wouldn't think of you as a pushover. You would be a much bigger person who can get over some insult to a hypothetical inflated ego.

    Let me ask u this: What is harder, anger or self control? to reply rudness with kindness or with rudness? It is so easy to behave as a jerk and be rude. I try my best to be kind to people who are extremely rude to me becuase simply when I become rude myself, I act the same way I despised in the first place. It makes me loose my peace and calm.

    You can also look at in a different way: If u have some joy and peace inside you, why would you let someone take that away from you and turn it to anger? I work in retail pharamcy and I get a lot of patients who are extremely rude. I try to consider that these people are sick with lots of stress in their lives and that is affecting their behavior. The simplest nice word from me could turn them into really nice people. I do so not because I am a pushover or because my employer forces me to do so, but because I feel what they are going through. Sometimes I loose my temper but I always regret it because simply I am let that person take my peace from me and I feel disappointed that I couldn't handle the situation the way I wanted.

    People get depressed because they are forced to be nice. If they try to act nice, not because their employer forces them to be nice but because they wanna be nice, they would feel much better. It is all about u not the other person don't let his atitude control u, thats the real strength; stay calm, confident and kind.

    In your sitaution, I wouldn't cal it rude or nice. He is a stranger person and u just chose not to initiate a conversation with him. You didn't feel that you had to explain urself to him, thats fine.

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    I either ignore the jerk or as some mentioned I out-jerk them. I'm not scared easily and I'm certainly not allowing people to bitch at me ;-).

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    I either ignore them, or go with the neutrally polite approach and walk away.
    "Whisper to them that I live only to hold them again, for all else is dust and air."

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