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    I honestly don't know. I don't have a set reaction to a certain event. So it could be anything from politely explaining or answering to riding around them with my thing out.

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    always be a bigger jerk

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    My solution is not to give a fuck, usually there is a complex reason someone is a jerk, as I see no benefit to being one, unless you are fucking dumb and it is the only way you can live, either way I don't care.
    I liek fysix

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    Quote Originally Posted by beanburrito View Post
    So how do you react to someone treating you like crap? I'd love to read some stories too if you feel like posting them.
    I don't really bother with reacting. Like I care about what they think.

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    You really wanna know?
    How I react to jerks you ask?

    I pick up my phone or mp3 player, put it on speakers and play this song loud.

    If that person doesn't get what I think about him/her after this song, no one will.
    "When did you forsake yourselves?"

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    Not where you are.
    I act perfectly calm and level headed to make them seem like overacting baffoons.
    "I see nothing. I hear nothing. I taste victory."

    "Trolling (verb): speaking your honest opinion." - you know who

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    Always treat people with respect until they show me they do not deserve it.

    And if I spot an asshole, I just tend to avoid them. Why bother, if I have a way not to have them appear on my life?

    Ironically, people in this thread seem to act like jerks themselves. That's why is better to avoid them. A jerk will never realize he's a jerk.
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    I just tell them that there jerks then get on my merry old way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beanburrito View Post
    Story time (no tldr):
    Today I was riding my bicycle downtown. It was the nicest day it's been in a while, so naturally there were lots of people coming downtown. Anyways, where I live there's many bike lanes and sidewalks. I always choose to ride on the bike lane, however there were so many cars today that I actually saw a few people speeding through the bike lanes to get by! Not wanting to risk my life because of some idiots, I rode on the sidewalk instead. Note it's not illegal here to ride on sidewalks and I always go slow, especially around corners.

    So here I am riding down the sidewalk when some big bald guy is walking towards my way. I waited to see which side of the sidewalk he would walk so I could get around, but this guy decided to stretch his arms out so I couldn't go anywhere. As I come close to him, he immediately starts freaking out and tells me to get on the fucking bike lane NOW! and that I'm a dumb kid. I started to explain my situation about the cars speeding in the bike lane but I stopped myself and said "You know what, fuck it. fuck you" and rode directly towards him. He jumped out of the way and said nothing more.

    I felt good about going about it this way because I wasn't being a doormat for some asshole, like I usually do. He wouldn't of cared for my situation anyways, so why bother being nice? I've decided I'll react this way more often if people treat me like crap, instead of being nice to try to dissolve the issue.

    So how do you react to someone treating you like crap? I'd love to read some stories too if you feel like posting them.
    So who was the jerk in the story? Him or you?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Tygry View Post
    I'm usually too much of a pushover to dish it back. Having somewhat of an art background, I'd probably take an approach similar to this if I were to retaliate:

    The ones I'll never hear from/see again: Don't care enough to do much of anything. I did my time as a retail flunkie so I've grown a thick skin as far as unfounded a-holiness goes.
    That link had me laughing for 30 minutes straight. Sir or Miss, may I worship you on the same level I do the sun and moon?
    Arguing with other internet users is just marginally more productive than counting the ants in your garden.
    If you make something idiot-proof, people will bring a better idiot.

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