Title is quite self explanatory. Mines so far are:

1- "Deathknight's do it using disease, blood and the power of the unholy. Warlocks do it with dark demons by their side. Mages do it with summoned arcane powers. Druids do it using the forces of nature. Rogues do it through stealth, poison's, shadows and....from behind. Paladins do it by calling to the light for aid. Shamans do it with the help of the elements. Priests do it through the holy light.
But warriors....
Warriors just fucking do it."

2- "peace through love, understanding and superior firepower.

3- "Anyway Paladin stat order as stated is Intellect > Spirit > Haste > Dodge > Strength > Resilence > Crit > AFK-Itis > Comcastic DC's > GM Disconnects during boss kills > Mastery."