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    I'd like to challenge that, actually. The ONLY thing I've changed about my diet is limiting myself to one can of soda a day. I still eat at McDonalds/Wendys/whatever at least once a week and, aside from chicken as often as possible, don't bother counting calories or anything of the sort yet with P90X I'm absolutely melting the fat right off.

    Now, it could be that I'm burning hundreds of calories a workout and that's completely offsetting my shitty diet, I dunno. But I'm still getting results while eating however the hell I feel like eating that day.

    this is called genetics...

    It's a great system. I've done it twice now, a year apart. The first time I didn't follow the diet and got decent results. I ate healthier just not as healthy as the diet suggests. A year later (after I had gained all the fat back due to inactivity) I did it again and followed the diet with much better results. Read the booklets that come with it and it explains why it changes the percentages of proteins, fats, and carbs. If you're a naturally skinny person and your family is the same, you will probably see results without the extreme diet. But I'm 32 not 18 so the diet plays a big part for me.

    The major problem with the program is that it ends. It's very difficult to continue at that pace unless you have nothing but time and dedication. You'll have to either continue to do the program or find another means of working out after you've completed the segment. I've been doing the lighter versions mentioned in the book because I have not time to get to a gym daily.

    As far as supplements. They're good and aid in recovery and I recommend them but you don't necessarily have to spend the cash on the beach body supplements though. Go to your local GNC and signup for their gold card for the discounts. Just look for something nutritionally comparable to the beach body supplements if you're following the diet. Otherwise, just ask the meathead at the counter what he uses.
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    ^^^^ he's better off purchasing his supps online, way cheaper. GNC is just too expensive even with their gold card.

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    Ha, I'm about to do my monday workout but figured I'd stop in on MMO before I get started. I'll swear by P90x every time. Did wonderful things for me
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    But it's Tuesday o_O

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    Hello, I've done a few rounds of P90X, with some of the P90X+ workouts and now I'm on Insanity. I've done a lot of different types of workouts from ultra-marathon training to hitting the gym and doing some heavy lifting for bulk.

    What worked for me for sizing up was definitely the gym and testing my limits with a very structured workout regimen, usually following the warmup > 4 progressive sets > superset/burnout > cool-down formula and almost always using free weights with the exception of some of the burnouts. I gained about 20lbs of muscle doing that while on a very strict, low fat high protein 3300 calorie 6x meals a day, diet.

    After I gained that weight and as I got older, my metabolism started dipping and like the OP, I started gaining a little fat around the middle. I turned to P90X to help with that and I've had excellent results. I think that P90X is really good for maintaining your current optimal level of strength, but it will take more than your own body weight to gain a lot of mass. If you aim is to get more definition, then I highly recommend P90X, it is a great program. Don't skip out on yoga either, it's a fantastic exercise that makes you feel really good about yourself, if you want to, you can skip the middle portion of the workout dealing with balance poses, so you're only doing the strength poses and ab workout/stretches. My friends and family definitely noticed a change in my physique and my overall strength after completing a few rounds of P90X, it will work best if you don't miss workouts for extended periods of time and have a moderately healthy diet. The people in the video and the extreme results you see are probably those who absolutely go for it in terms of strict dieting and pushing themselves. I probably went at 90% workout effort and maybe 70% diet (because I still wanted some sanity with pizza and beer every once in a while!). So it took me a little longer, but I still had positive results I was happy with.

    I still have a little fat to work off, so I opted to try the Insanity program. It has truly slimmed me down and has gotten me in amazing cardiovascular shape. I do miss the strength training from P90X but my agility, mobility and heart/lung health is through the roof. Plus my legs and core have experienced a big improvement. You do a fair share of pushup related exercises in Insanity, but nothing like the Chest and Back workouts of P90X where your chest is very sore.

    I'm on my second round of Insanity and this time I'm replacing my lunch with their Shakeology. The chocolate flavor is "meh" and tastes like a grassy fudgesicle. I'm sure if I took time to doctor it up, it'd taste better, but as for now I just add water and pound it and forget about it. It seems to have a lot of positive health benefits as the one thing I neglected most was not eating enough greens and this helped supplement that. We'll see how this second round goes as the first one was dragged out a bit due to my girlfriend trying it with me and eventually quitting, so I sorta restarted halfway through. This time, I've been staying on track with a very few missed days and I'm definitely trimming the fat better than I was my first time.

    I've heard people having great results doing a hybrid workout of P90X and Insanity, replacing any cardio related workouts with Insanity's max interval themed workouts. I'm going to try this before I spend any more money on the new P90X:MC2 and Insanity2:Asylum. I think that it'll be great benefiting from the strength workouts of P90X and the high speed interval madness of Insanity.

    So that's my account of using Beachbody products, I hope it helps you make a well-educated decision. I stand behind using P90X and Insanity for sculpting and maintaining your body, but you will find it difficult to gain mass without using very heavy weights, so there are limitations to the program.

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    I want to buy it but have no money and saving for, well, Malia , Crete on the 23rd of august !

    the ladies will just have to deal with my beer belly!
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    I'm sure you could find a site that has the ISO files of P90X or Insanity if you're that hard up. They're out there, if you are resourceful. I bought mine, however.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scottishpaladin View Post
    I want to buy it but have no money and saving for, well, Malia , Crete on the 23rd of august !

    the ladies will just have to deal with my beer belly!
    Why not just go for runs in the mean time?

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    Alot of the BeachBody progams work. I own three and alternate between them so my body doesnt get used to the workouts provided to me on the DVDs. I like you was so unmotived in working out, not because Im lazy, but because at the end of the day, I was truely wiped out. But after reaching 240lbs and only being 5'6 SOMETHING had to change. So I have invested in P90X, Insanity, and Slim in 6. After seeing the results, I kept going. Soon, I felt better, had more energy at the end of the day to DO the exersices and generally felt more... "rested" I suppose. If your going to do it, DO IT! You wont regret this. Invest in some "healthy" like Palaeo and Metabolic cookbooks as well so you have more of a variety than the meal plans they give you.

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    P90X is great, you just need to have the self-motivation to push yourself. It can kick your butt in the beginning, especially if you're really out of shape. Remember not to overwork yourself, and to do what you can within your own limitations. I say this in regards to some of the yoga stuff especially, as you don't want to hurt yourself.

    I think I'm going to get back on it soon, to make up for the days when I'm not swimming, running, or hitting the gym. Right now, I'm working my body well so it's not necessary so much. I'm 5'9" @ 158lbs too, so not bad. However, I won't be starting it until I get some supplements to go with it.

    As others have mentioned, GNC is pricy for products you can find cheaper elsewhere. I highly recommend when shopping for supplements. Not sure if there is anywhere cheaper with a better selection, but they have what I need for at least $10-20 under GNC.

    Also, considering it's probably safe to assume that everyone here is a gamer, might I suggest trying out Fitocracy? Let's you use your real life exercising as a means to "level up" in an RPG fashion on their site. I don't care too much about the leveling part, so much as I do having the ability to easily log everything that I'm doing. Really helps motivate me, especially when I can see what personal records I've beaten and such. Invites to it here:

    Wish you the best of luck with the P90X! Remember to take some pictures of yourself before you start. It's always nice to have something to look back at when you've made progress!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blastit View Post
    you didnt come of as rude. My Dad's Friend, Jerry Montabano, happens to also be a marathon runner. He has at 4 surgeries since 2000 because he runs so much the cartilage in his feet and knees is almost gone. He has a deskjob so he doesnt do anything intensive to help it. Xile ask any marathon runner we cant run 100 miles with out or body losing all control over muscles that usually results in losing the control of your bowels where you defecate your self uncontrollably
    I understand what you're saying, but running itself isn't what is bad. It's running "excessively". Most doctors will tell you that running more than 6 miles at a time does more damage than good and anything over 10 miles is just terrible for you. There are people who do 100 mile runs, and they will admit to you that they are killing their legs, but it's what they love doing. Running about 4 miles for most people is the ideal amount with proper shoes. The impact on the knees isn't too much that it will do a lot of damage, and the health benefits of it are very high.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiceDice View Post
    Post some facts to back up that statement.
    The p90 series only has some bodyweight exercise. The vast majority of it is weightlifting.

    For example, the original p90 has you doing 8-15 reps per exercise with 3 exercises per muscle group for the entire workout. (Same thing as lifting in the gym, mind you.) When you can easily do 15 reps across the 3 exercises, you increase the weight so that you're only able to do 8 reps. When this new weight reaches 15 reps without much effort, you bump it up again. The sculpting portion of it is just weightlifting. There really isn't much difference. The thing that makes p90 great are all the extras you do, like the cardio.

    Also being able to do 100 push-ups does not necessarily mean you are "strong" it means you have good muscular endurance for doing push-ups.
    Being "Strong" has different meanings to different people but lifting heavy-ass weights is generally a good measure of strength.
    Being able to do 100 pushups is no different than being able to bench 200 pounds. It's one motion. P90X builds your agility, nimbleness, flexibility, physical strength and a great number of other things. Weightlifting does not.
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    Insanity (also by Beachbody) all the way, stick to it and the nutrition plan and you will get that nice body. A major pro is that you don't need to purchase any more equipment (which you do with P9OX), your body provides the resistence. These workout things from Beachbody work if you get the right ones and stick at them (which is the key) I went to the gym everyday for 2 years when I decided I had to get in shape (aside from sick days and holidays) I have now discovered these home workout programes provide faster results (and deeper)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trickname View Post
    I went to the gym everyday for 2 years
    Well there's where you went wrong.
    If you had a solid diet and workout plan you would have gotten results.
    Don't blame the gym when the fault lies with the people that go there.

    Quote Originally Posted by vossvicks
    Being able to do 100 pushups is no different than being able to bench 200 pounds.
    Please tell me you're joking. You can't possibly believe this.

    Quote Originally Posted by vossvicks
    The p90 series only has some bodyweight exercise. The vast majority of it is weightlifting.
    I'm not going to pretend I know the exact workout plan for P90x but according to Trickname it's mostly bodyweight exercises and you don't need to purchase equipment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vossvicks View Post
    I'm a HUGE believer in the whole p90 system and because of it, I'll never join another gym again. It's literally a waste of money in my eyes.
    If you have the determination, then anything you spend is a waste. You can work out for free with just your body.

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    MMO- P90x team in the works? Gamers getting nice and toned?

    Heck yeah!

    Today is plyo day for me ;_;
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    Quote Originally Posted by DiceDice View Post
    P90x can only take you so far, it's great for people not into fitness because it holds their hand, but if you're already somewhat knowledgeable about diet and exercise you should save your money.
    I think that's why it's good. Some people want to get fit but don't know where to start. It's something that will get you started, and leaner. From there, you have experience, and can decide where you want to take your body from there.
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    I prefer just taking an occasional bicycle ride. I don't understand what's so important about having big biceps, 6-packs and such. As long as I'm not overly fat, i'm happy.

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