PTR Patch Notes

Notes for no World of Warcraft patches can be found here.


New Daily Quests: New daily quest in outlands for lvl 70 players for no reason. New daily quest in booty bay (aarrggghhh)

New Quest Chain: new quest chain for the new legendary item (Totem of the storms(troll shamans only)) were you have to save the world for been taken over by paladins. Quest chain is planned to take the player about 7 weeks to complete.

New Dungeon: Caverns of Time: Caverns of Time: Caverns of Time: inception. Its a dungeon within a dungeon.

New Feature: raid finder. Dungeon finder has been removed and replaced with raid finder. Allowing easier Pugs for raids, as all raids now are too easy for a pre-made team to deal with.
Dungeons: players must now get the achievement (LLLLEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRROOOOOOYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!) before they are allowed into any dungeon. This means that players now only can enter a dungeon, after they entered a dungeon so they can enter a dungeon. Witch result in that only players that have the achievement now are allowed into dungeons.

Raids: all end bosses now have their heads replaced with a trollface and can no longer be killed, unless you are in the guild: Paragon

Classes: General: to be added soon(TM)

Death Knights

Death strike now instantly kills a player when hit.
Army of the dead in now instant cast with no cooldown
army of the dead Ghouls now only deal 1 damage and have 1 heath. But explode when killed, dealing damage to all near by enemy and ally's.
Death grip have been replaced with force push.


restoration talent tree have been replaced with a shape shift tree. Allowing them to shape shift into hundreds of different animals, dragons and murlocs

all shape shift forms now also shows the armor that the druid are wearing
moon fire now have a 9 seconds cast time
Typhoon now summons a giant wave of water, as shown in the world of warcraft cataclysm trailer, were booty bay got washed away.


Multi-shot is now passive to auto attacks and cost no mana.
Traps now only works on bears

hunters can no longer tame pets.
New abillity: head shot. Deals 90% of targets heath and stuns for 10 seconds. Hunters have to camp (stand still) 30 min. before they can use this spell. They also have to manually aim it. Deals 2000% more damage to gnomes and goblins as they are harder to hit


All mages spells now are instant cast but deals only 1 damage.
Global cooldown in increased to 5 seconds.
Damage on all spells increased by 9001%
living bomb now instantly blow up the target dealing 100% of targets heath. Can also be used on ally's.

bubble is no passive.
Paladins can no longer tank due to the bubble.
Hobbs can despell bubble.


all male priests character's now have a little boy companion with them.


stealth removed and replaced with cloak.
Rogues can now disguise themselves as the enemy team.
Rogues can now instantly kill a player from behind.
Rogues can now zap a sentry.
Rogues are renamed to Spy


thunderstorm range and knock back increased to 9999 yards. And also affect ally's


shadow bolt now deals 11k damage.
Metamorphosis is now passive

warlocks can now summon all their pets at once.
Pets now last 5 seconds.


all charge spells now have their range increased to 1000000 yards and no longer needs a target.
Warriors can't stop charge once started. They even blast thru terrain.


23 copper = 43 silver
78 silver = 37 gold
743gold = 823 copper

Dungeons & Raids

all bosses have been buffed by 10000%



new item: A-bomb.


skinning can now be used on worgens and taurens.


is now more balanced...


All character races now have a new /dance (can be found here


All Game masters are now dead.