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    Hello dear readers,
    Me and my friend got into an argument, and I'm wondering whether I'm wrong or he is. Me and him are pretty tight and trust each other with pretty much anything. Both of us have been broke for 2 weeks, so we've managed to survive it together. (i.e. all the food, money, cigarets, etc were shared between us.) Then on thursday he had 5 quid left, which he needed to use to go to a near by city to sell sm stuff in order to pay off his debt on Friday ( both of us owed ppl like 70 quid each). He wasn't going there until friday and I was getting some cash on Friday, so I offered him to spend the fiver on food+cigs and then I'd pay for his ticket the next day. He agreed. Then we got into shit with our college the following night, which resulted in me not getting any sleep + not being able to charge my phone. By lunch time on Friday, we sorted the whole mess out and agreed to go to the city by 2 p.m. Meanwhile we went to a friend's house to chill for a bit b4 we go. Then at like 1, he said he's gonna go somewhere and that he'll see me around l8. ( he didn't specify where he was going). At 2p.m. me and sm other friends were ready to go, I searched for him for abit, could't find him, so we went without him. Later on I paid off all of my debts, which left me with 15 quid. I borrowed a phone to get in contact with him, and then he started giving me shit like alot of shit. He was stuck with out money, and was freaking out, so I decided to help him out. Since I have a gd rep in college, I took care of 2 of his debts and left a 10 in his room so he can go on Saturday to get the money. ( I was leaving the country Friday night). And then the bastard is still is giving me shit, that I've fucked him over real bad just like eveyone else. Now I don't get that. P.S. I was left with a fiver whilst leaving the country.

    TL;DR ( Sorry for the wall of text)
    I told my friend that we should get sm food and I'll pay for his ticket the next day so he can get some money, couldn't find him due to lack of sleep + phone being uncharged, gave him a 10 later on + took care of 2 of his debts and received shit in return. Is it just me or is he being an ungrateful prick?

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    Hes being ungrateful, you did him a favor and he should acknowledge that, he should be a man and apologise and admit he was wrong.

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    Was kinda hard to understand the story here - but yea he's being ungrateful - but then again that's his right.
    You opened the pandora's box by asking to borrow the $5 - maybe it only came out now, but the prickish side of your friend showed up.
    This is nothing more than a learning experience. You now know NEVER to ask this guy for money - even if you pay back double and handle his debts (that's the part i didn't quite understand)
    - he seems to still be going on about the original 5. That's just this person's personality.
    Either learn from this - or borrow money again from him to relive it.

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    A wise man once said "Never lend friends money", this is why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eightace View Post
    A wise man once said "Never lend friends money", this is why.
    Another wise man once said; if you lend money, don't expect to get it back. See it as a gift.

    Any-way, seems he's indeed being a prick.

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