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    Which inner do you use for raiding?

    I've heard quite a bit of debates on inner will and inner fire, which do you use in a raid? Which would you recommend a disc priest to use?

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    I'm shadow and I use Inner Fire with Lavawalker toward the end of the tier.

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    Inner Fire 95% of the time, Inner Will only to shield more than a few and if running low on mana.

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    It is situational. Do you need to move from point A to point B quickly? Swap to inner will for a second. Are you switching to complete bubble spam at the end of a boss fight? Swap to Inner Will while you bubble spam. Otherwise you should be in Inner Fire.

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    As Holy I pretty much use Inner Fire all the time, except when I need to move a lot, I expect it to be pretty much the same for a Discipline priest.
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    Inner Will vs Inner Fire

    Hey guys, I'd like your oppinion for whats best for raiding.
    I'm currently Holy specced 6/32/3
    I don't really know which one would be better for me, so please help!

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    Generally speaking, Inner Fire unless you are having mana issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigslick View Post
    Generally speaking, Inner Fire unless you are having mana issues
    This. You could learn to fire dance though. Inner will on instant casts, then switch over to inner fire for longer casts.

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    Depends on whether your raid style is bubble spam, if it is will. If not, fire.

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    I don't see any use in switching fires as a holy priest unless you have long breaks in which you'll only cast instants and you're having mana issues. From the top of my head I can only think of Atramedes aid phase while progressing in poor gear, the B&S shields are rather expensive. When I play disc I switch armors a lot though, shielding up people is extremely expensive and everything helps nowdays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veiled View Post
    I'm shadow and I use Inner Fire with Lavawalker toward the end of the tier.
    Ditto balls.

    Iirc in 4.2 the speed buff from Inner Will is supposed to stack with the speed buff from boots? If I am remembering that right will switching could be useful in high movement fights.

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    Me main's a Holy Priest (raid healer)... doing Raid Heroics. I generally stick to Inner Will when I require to use a lot of Renew Spam, CoH and Prayer of Mending. Come predictable large AoE damage bursts, I switch over to Inner Fire and use Prayer of Healing and top up with a Greater heal or two if needed, then back to inner will.

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    It really depends on your playstyle, but for sure, for holy inner fire is 10x better than inner will.
    For discipline things are quite different! In high level of gear for example, shields start to become more and more your % of healing done; simply becouse you can afford more of them and if you can afford them you should use them! becouse are simply our best heals!

    with inner will for example, a 5 shields spam will gain you enough mana for a "free" greater heal, and things become really interesting..

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    Inner fire, best by far. unless im gonna bubble spam i'll go inner will, other than that innerfire, innfer fire.. inner fire...

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    I remember seeing patch notes that said Inner Will would stack with boot enchant but looking at the run speed on my character sheet, it doesn't stack.
    I only use Inner Fire as holy -- there's no situation where I'd use enough instants to make Will worth using.

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    I've never used inner fire as disc.
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    Inner Will all the way, if the tanks do a good job, and dps hit hard enough, and im not stupid enough 2 get high ammounts of damage, i don't need Inner Fire, that's my opinion, prefer lesser mana abuse then having myself extra shielded.

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    As both Disc and Shadow it's inner fire all the way, EXCEPT on atramedes. As shadow you should never have mana problems (seriously, never) and the spell power boost is too good and as disc i'd prefer to have the extra spell power, mana has never been an issue for me unless i'm being dumb with my shields. The run speed is only good on a few fights (talking normal modes of course) and even then, i think atramedes is the only one where it's necessary.

    Either way, inner fire is where it's at.

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    I have always ran Inner fire. However I am wondering does penance count as a cast or an instant or is it considered a channeling spell? But i think in 4.2 inner will will be alot more useful for both spec's. I understand 500 spell power is nice, however mana conservation will be important in the begining of raiding firelands making inner will a better choice at start.
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    Inner Fire is definetly the way to go for holy; as for disc, I'd say it's situational. For example, on Valiona and Theralion I use Inner Will when Valiona's down to pre shield every member before blackout; when Theralion's down I change to Inner Fire and start using a lot more ProH and GH.

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