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    Athene about the games

    honestly think everything he said in this video is true. People who are saying WoW gets boring are saying that because the game is becoming too easy. I'm not saying it's very easy to achieve a lot in pvp or pve, i'm just saying that more and more "bonus features" that allow us to play more easily are being added continuously. I believe the changes that have been going for few years like heirlooms, guild skills and stuff are more for new players but it saves much time which leads to people having not much to do and quitting. Even leveling should be without any boosts so it would take more time.
    If it's harder = it takes more time is basically my idea.
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    Old thread is old.

    Harder =/= endurance. Harder = you can do it or you can't which comes down to skill. You either have it or you don't.
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    theres no reward for honor kills like there used to be, so theres little to aim for

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    I'm confused, if they make games for noobs, the hardcores get bored. If they make games too hard, the noobs quit. The game fails. I know a vast majority of my friends have quit.

    Isn't cataclysm supposed to be about making the game a little harder, and so it has. I know a few people might comment on this saying the game is not any harder, but it is. I was one of the first 80s in wrath on my server, we did every heroic instance in mostly t6/sunwell gear. I got realm first Night Elf and Druid on 11/16/08, on 11/21/08 we had gotten realm first Malygos 25. This expansion I went into my first raid with mostly 333 and 346 blues and got worked over on Magmaw. A far cry from the one week of beating the first part of wrath. The reason for this story is that since cata is so much "harder" than wrath, the worse players will stop playing, because it no longer becomes fun for them. The business world will lose numbers, the game will fail, they will not be able to put in more effort to make the game fun for the remaining players, then the remainder will leave.

    Other side of the spectrum: make the game super easy, as with wrath. While most would say the expansion was a failure, it was definitely an expansion that catered to PuG groups. During BC the mere thought of pugging karazhan was laughable before they nerfed the instance. Every instance in wrath was puggable, rather easily, but most groups, the only exclusion being Malygos, since apparently hitting a couple buttons and moving from lightning is hard. (I recall never bothering with a weekly raid when it was Malygos, due to not wanting to deal with incompetent players.) In the business world, the game will gain popularity, less skilled players will get what they want (gear/achievements/readily available content), the business will gain money, and pump more into the game.

    TL;DR most games will be catered to less skilled players, because they are the majority, and the majority will give more money.

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