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    How do i Delete a folder but ONLy the folder and leave folders content behind?

    sooo i have a file with liike 100000 folders, the thing is those folder each have a file i want to keep... naturally i can go to each folder cut the file and put it somewhere else.... but then i have to dit 100000 times before i finish.,.. is there a way to delete folder and leave its contents behind?

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    nevermind, misunderstood what you wanted to do -.-
    should still be possible with the filter function of total commander somehow
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    Huge amount of factors that can affect any answer to this. Operating system, file name, age of files etcYou could use the windows search feature to find all the files for example of they all had the name 'wow12344..txt' and search for all the files with the name 'wow' in the name, select all the results and cut/paste the files into a new folder and then delete the original containing folders. Same method if the files were all created on thee same day just a different search.Are the files all the same size, do they have a specific extension (.jpg etc), how computer 'savvy' are you?
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    Do you just want to preserve the files inside the folders or is there a file-structure inside some of those folders that must be preserved? IF you dont care about file structure and there are no conflicts with files with identical names it wouldn't be that hard to do with the search function if you are using windows.

    Lets say all your folders are inside a single larger folder well call "MasterFolder" Inside MasterFolder you have folders numbered 1-1000. Open up search, do a find all files and narrow the search to files contained in MasterFolder. Once the search is done select all the files but not the numbered folders and do a move to whatever location you want.

    I'm not well versed in other operating systems but I'd assume you could use similar methods in each of them. More info on the situation and operating system would be helpful.

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    If you're using windows you can probably just search for all files at the root folder, and it will show you the files contained in each of the folders, which you could then select and move as a group to some new location.

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