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    Hello my Real time Strategy gamers buddys i need your help

    I was trying to find an RTS game that your able to be orcs, elf,humens and a other people. its not world of warcraft. its online RTS game i dont reamber the name of it but your able to do do like a lot of thing make your kingdom upto date thing fight at night make massvie armys and its on like i it was on mmo report i looked it up but long story i never saved it and i got a new computer if any of you know. the game im talking about i would be thankful,your able to do alot of thing make ship battles and things it looked really cool and it is free or something like that i tryed everything to look it up if you know the name please let me know

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    Holy shit I know this game it's not world of warcraft I loved those ship battled and things it looked really cool it should be free as you said but I don't know I used to play it I liked elfes and a other people too. I tryed everything to remember but I dont know maybe this will help please let me know thanks.

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    use. punctuations. please.

    hmm sounds a bit like these LOTRBFME games :/

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