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    95-year-old women forced to remove diaper for airport security

    I know we live in a post-9/11 world, but is this going a little too far? Personally, I just don't know. We've had bombers trying to light their shoes on fire and using their underwear. Who knows what else they might try. So I'm not really sure where to stand on this issue.

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    Awwww ... that's...

    Aw god....

    I am literally disgusted right now

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    well then... thats.. ummm... creepy/disgusting/angering

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    What if she had a bomb in her diaper....

    Just think about it for a second..let it sink it? Imagine what your reaction would be now.

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    Rules are rules, if we made exceptions then people who wished to do real harm would use them as loopholes to jump though.

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    What? I don't see a problem, sure it's harsh, but it's security, there can't be "exceptions" for security or people would exploit them in a heartbeat.
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    Im a bit conflicted by this.

    In terms of safety and procedure sense, they did what they are told to do.

    In a more 'personal' sense, it isnt right.

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    a new fetish is born

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    Though it seems excessive, it's quite an ingenius place for a bomb, and I wouldn't be surprised if that was the suspicion of the airport security as well. There are no limits as to who or what can be used as a bomb mule, and it's precisely locations like that that a clever terrorist organisation could use as they know security is tough nowadays. I can understand the need to do this to be honest.

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    I agree with whats been said here. You can't make exceptions for individuals based on how you feel. Otherwise you risk people using those exceptions against you.


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    "Those who sacrifice Freedom for Safety, deserve neither."
    -Benjamin Franlyn

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    She would of had to remove it in private not infront of everyone so imo its just them doing their job im sure they didnt WANT to check the diaper of a 95yr old woman.

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    Gross, they did the right thing but I don't envy the security
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    Sometimes you just have to choose the lesser of two evils.
    Evil 1) Granny smuggles a bomb.
    Evil 2) You check Granny, no matter how sick it is.

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    I can see it acceptable in terms for safety and procedure, but it's still pretty gross. Civil liberties and dignity are going by the wayside nowadays in airports. My issue mainly is that the woman is obviously extremely sick. The fact that she had to have a blood transfusion to even get on the plane is pretty bad. The adult diaper was there for a reason. At least the elderly woman didn't soil herself when she was left without underwear going through the airport.
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    Those employes dont enjoy what they do. They are told to do it and its their job. If they are morally opposed to it, they can leave their job. But someone's gotta do it.

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    Whats a 95 year old doing on an airplane anyway? Plus, she knows he rules, she cant complain. Harsh or not, you dontget to break the rules.

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    I agree it seems excessive, but as others have stated, it's difficult to make exceptions when you know that the terrorists certainly wont make exceptions when they send women and children to kill us with bombs hidden on their bodies. People complain about going through the xray machines or being sniffed by a dog, what other choice is there?

    On the other hand, I had heard after a similar incident involving a man with a bladder bag (I believe he was a cancer survivor), that people with serious health conditions that require the use of things like medical bags and/or diapers could get a waiver from their doctor to avoid embarassing procedures like this so hopefully this was an exclusive incident.

    It's a sad world we live in.

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    "Those who sacrifice Freedom for Safety, deserve neither."
    -Benjamin Franlyn
    10 characters

    User was infracted for this post.
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    Why don't these people have any common sense or is it brain washed out of them during their special ATF training?

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