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    [A] <Tribo> 2 Teams! 7/7 FL25 & 6/7 FL10

    < TRIBO > has been a progression raiding guild on Nagrand for 4 years and counting. We are a mature PVE Raiding Guild that is consistently one of the most progressed on Nagrand. Almost all of our members are in their 20's and 30's and the majority are from Southeast Asia and Western Australia, with a few hailing from the US.

    We pride ourselves on being a true multi-cultural guild that fosters a high level of understanding and camaraderie among our members. While we realize that Real Life comes first, we don't let our compressed raiding schedule hold us back from competitive progression. We also take pride in our low turnover, with most Raiders who have stepped back from progression raiding enjoying a Casual role in the guild.

    Tribo's first and foremost focus is 25man raiding 4 hours per night 3 nights a week on Wed, Thurs, and Sun from 10pm to 2am Oceanic Server Time (11pm-3am when DST is active), and expect our Raiders to be able to participate in at least 75% of our scheduled 25 man raids.

    We also have an additional Progression 10man raid on Wednesday and Sunday from 7pm to 10pm Oceanic Server Time (8pm-11pm when DST is active). In addition, we currently run Casual activities on Fridays/Saturdays as well for those that happen to be on.

    We welcome all players that fulfill the requirements listed below :

    1. Skilled in playing the game and their class
    2. Have a strong sense of teamwork and are committed to raiding and our progression as a team
    3. Have a positive attitude
    4. Are willing to farm for the gear and enchants required for raiding
    5. Prepared for raids, researching encounters beforehand
    6. Have a reliable internet connection
    7. Conduct themselves in a mature and respectful manner
    8. Have a good sense of humor and want to have fun

    We are currently recruiting the following for our CORE raiding team for FIRELANDS

    Druid: Any
    Warrior: Any
    Paladin: Retribution or Protection
    Hunter: MM
    Rogue: Any
    Priest: Any
    DK: Any
    Shaman: Elemental or Enhance
    Mage: Arcane
    Warlock: Any

    We are also recruiting for our 10man Progression team:

    Plate DPS: DK/Ret Pally/Warrior

    ALL Quality applicants will be considered, regardless of class!

    Yes, if you show good performance and the other qualities above, you will have a consistent raiding spot. We are looking for members in search of a Home for their character, not just a Raiding Guild.

    If you think we might be the right guild for you, please head over to and ensure that you have read our guild rules before submitting your application.
    Applications are private to the public, but reviewed by our membership. If you have any other questions feel free to contact an officer (Rezdan, Lyrical or Lycopolis) in game.
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    Updated for current need.
    We really need melee dps for raids..

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    Still in real need of melee dps.
    Only 3 melee during raid.

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    Would love to know if there are any rogues still, haven't seen one in ages.

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    5/7 and still no sign of a rogue

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    uhuh, still no rogue, sad to see all these daggers getting DEed

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    6/7 and still no Rogues

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    Bump, cos I am bored an blizzard are screwing with raid time

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    WTB good home for daggers... free cookies for all applicants!

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    bump for maintenance day!

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    updated for new recruitment needs
    6/7 FL

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    Still LFM late night Oceanic raiders!!

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    Woo, bump for restarts!

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    Woo 7/7 still LF more!

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    weekends are always too short

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    Bump for Heroic FL

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