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    LFM raiders for HM FL

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    Still LFM Raiders!

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    Hurray for Monday!

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    New raid week LFM core raiders

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    LFM FL 25Heroic

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    Bump for 2/7 HM and a new raiding week.

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    Bump for End of week raid

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    Bump for start of raid week

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    Tribo are still in search of some good core raiders, with permanent raid spots still available for the right people, If you would like to know more please visit our website htt(listed at the top of this Post) or speak to and officer in game.

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    Still looking for some more core raiders to fill permanent raid positions. Particularly looking for Death Knights (Frost), Druid (Anything but a tank), Warlocks.

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    LFM core raiders to help push our heroic team past 3/7 FL, would love to see a resto druid.

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    LFM, need a resto druid

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    LFM core raiders

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    Still looking for a Resto druid, still have core raid postions available for good players

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    LFM core raiders, still looking for a resto druid (do they exist still?)

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    5/7 25M HM, Domo down Baleroc next on the hit list, still looking for a Resto Druid.

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    5/7 25M HM, still looking for a Resto Druid to take up a core raid spot.

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    6/8 Dragon Soul, new content means new raiders needed

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    LFM full time raiders 6/8, refer OP for more details

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    LFM full time raiders for Firelands 25 Heroic, refer to OP for more details

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