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    LFM raiders, full time positions available for people who know there class and know how to not stand in the fire, 8/8 DS 25 & 6/8 DS 10, refer to OP for more details

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    Looking for more full time raiders, core positions available for right classes, esp would like to find a resto Druid, 1/8H DS 25.

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    L4 late night raiding guild starting 12am *fiveoclock caelestrasz* 387ilvl shadow priest.. would b better to talk/letter to my charecter then on ere.. *that is if your interested*
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    Christmas and New Year always seems a slow time, and wow is not exception, looking for more full time raiders

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    Hi 5oclock

    Our raids start at 11pm server time currently, however when the servers go off DLS time we will be starting at 10pm.

    Most of our guildies are from South East Asia or Western Australia so the guild raid time is set to coincide with 8pm in that region (which does not use DLS time)

    Based on your post I believe we are outside the times that you were looking for.

    We thankyou for your interest in posting

    All the best

    MT and Officer

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    LFM full time raiders, atm have positions for a Warlock and a Resto druid with a Mookin OS

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    LFM, core raider positions available for people who know their class.

    Particularly looking for:

    Warrior (Arms/Fury)

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    6/8 Heroic DS25 & DS10

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    Still looking for core raiders for our 25 man progression team, currently 6/8 all exceptional applicants considered.

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