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    Is this friendship worth it?

    So I have been hanging out with a good friend of mine for maybe two years now? Anyways we meet in 9th Grade due to a common interest in WoW and at first he was stubborn on realm transfers and I went to his realm and his guild disbanded and we were going to go back but he didn't follow me so that was $50 gone there...but he eventually came over the next summer to my realm and we were all dandy and jolly.

    Anyways around Sophomore year Magic the Card Game became popular at my school but my friend wouldn't give into it and he sure knew I wouldn't give in to it. Well eventually he gave into the peer pressure of the growing fad and card games were just not my thing. Well for the rest of Sophomore year and that summer he grew to love it. Eventually come Junior year he got SC2 and me and my other close friend played it, so we were kind of like a trio. We played other games like TF2 and on the days that my other friend was at lunch (B school days) he would come and chat with us but on (A school days) he would just play Magic the entire time.

    Now coming up close to his Birth Day party I am thinking it would be a nice small event for our trio but he turns it into a Magic Draft and hides it from my other friend and I find out. The thing is he NEVER hangs out with the guys he plays Magic with except if they are playing Magic, which I kind of felt that he chose getting a bunch of cards over hanging out with close friends. So we still hang together this summer but every time he has to leave when he is over for the weekend I am full of paranoia that he is going off to a Magic Draft.

    Tonight I really lost it playing SC2 with him because the pressure he put on me was ANNOYING and I am starting to realize, am I just a really nice guy who is being pushed around or am I a bit of a whiny bitch about this? I really can't decide and if it is coming off as QQ well then woops! At least it is not QQ about WoW...

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    Uhm...what's the problem with friends having different tastes in stuff? If he's going to not want to be your friend if you don't like the same stuff as him then he isn't a friend worth keeping anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Zait- View Post
    Uhm...what's the problem with friends having different tastes in stuff? If he's going to not want to be your friend if you don't like the same stuff as him then he isn't a friend worth keeping anyway.
    He just has a very strong different taste. I am totally fine with different tastes but when they are to great they can overwhelm a friendship. I am fine with his different tastes in music, food, etc. it is just the fact that he is probably valuing a game more then a friendship.

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    This guy sounds like a complete tool and a complete loser

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    tl;dr. Yepz, but if he stole it he's not a friend.

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    Do you have fun with said friend? If yes, the friendship is worth it. If no, the friendship is not worth it.

    It's a platonic relationship. You don't have to overanalyze it.

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    That's absolutely not a friend at all

    Nothing more then a tool

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    This strikes me as one of those "if you have to ask..." questions

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    Eh i do not understand. Take me for example I have some frineds that I play computer games with other that i do sports with and yet some i just sitt and chat with about life in general. You have different frineds for different intressts no one frined can have al the same intressets at the same time as you.

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    I'm gonna say no.

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    So basically, he found something he really enjoys, wanted to do that for his birthday, and likes you enough that he wants you to be into it so you can do it together? And you're questioning the friendship? Totally not worth it, he should break it off with you immediately.

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