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    The Art Thread

    Alright, so the purpose of this thread is to post your art! It doesn't matter what style it is, or if it's even finished, so you can post your sketches and W.I.P.'s. You are welcome to post both fanart (from any fandom of course) and originals.

    If you desire, you can get critiques. Simply state which pieces you want to have critiqued.

    You can also post links to artists and art books that inspire you. I'd really like to see where you guys get your ideas and inspiration from.


    *Post art that is yours. If you are found to be stealing, you'll be in big trouble.

    *If you are a critic, do not critique unless the person has asked for one. Make sure you're being constructive. Things like "that's weird/ugly/stupid," are NOT critiques, so please refrain from saying such brainless things.

    *No porn or gore porn (that's a given). Bloody battle scenes are okay, but not a picture of someone having their head slowly sliced off, or their eyes stabbed, for example. With regards to nude figures: From my experience here, it's better to be safe than sorry, so even if the nipples/vulva/penis/testicles are not drawn or shaded, just stick a bikini or briefs on the figure.
    There have been some borderline images certain threads that have stayed up, but let's be safe.

    I'll start posting my stuff as soon as I get this new uploading system figured out.

    Have fun!

    EDIT: Okay, I've tried everything once again and I'm still unable to upload images. At this point I'm really starting to believe it's because I have a mac. So, could someone maybe guide me through the uploading process? Just so you know, the pictures will be coming from my deviantart, not directly from my computer.

    For the time being, here's my deviantart link:
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