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    wall of text crits thunderdragon2 for 500000 fire damage

    thunderdragon2 dies

    but in all seriousness about time

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    Are you really completly sure that normal Warlock´s S10 will be red and Rated will be green? Really?

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    is s9 gear available for purchase?

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    And firelands cleard by vodka whos ready for 4.3 now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by furydeath View Post
    And firelands cleard by vodka whos ready for 4.3 now?
    Pretty sure you aren't.

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    free to play until lvl 20if wow will become free to play forever i will come back someday

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    A great thing here :
    • If a player wins a Need roll under the Need Before Greed system on a Bind on Equip item, the item will become Soulbound to that player. The item will remain unbound if won via a Greed roll.
    No more Ninja

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    And still they went ahead with the horrible Hunter patch notes saying Traps are affected by EXPERTISE. WHY? WHY? WHY?FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU BLIZZARD!-mutter-

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    Tell me the other fraction can hear roars. I'll have another annoying ass sound macro to spam when Im on my male Draenai.

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    I doubt no one reads this or does anything about it but the give-away is illegal.

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