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    [Bio and Story] Larthian Dawnbreaker

    Name: Larthian Nightingale (Formerly of the Dawnbreaker family).

    Age: ~200.

    Race: High Elf.

    Gender: Male.

    Languages: Thalassian; Darnassian; Common; Some Taur-ahe, some Orcish.

    Class: Druid.

    Faction: The Cenarion Circle, Druids of the Wild. Follows Elune, Cenarius, Malorne, and the other forces of Nature as all other druids do ((think of him as more like a Night Elf in a high elven body, or a similar scenario; he's more akin to them than the other denizens of Quel'thalas)).

    Personality: He is a carefree person, a free soul who loves the great outdoors. When not with the rest of civilization, he prefers to live in his alternate forms. He is a fun person once you get to know him, but due to spending most of his life away from people, he is shy when around strangers. Fiercely loyal, he is protective of his friends and will never leave them. He is very close to his animal comrades, and has been a vegetarian ever since leaving home.

    Appearance: Elven: In his humanoid form, he is a tall slender Blood Elf, with deeply tanned skin, dark gold hair, and the signature eyes of all High Elves. He wears the Heroes' Dreamwalker Battlegear (10 man tier 7, with matching belt, boots, and bracers) and he carries the staff Attrition. Bear: His bear form is that of what appears to be a plain brown bear, but upon close inspection, his hide is in fact the same shade as his hair. His bear form also has the same eyes as his humanoid form. Cat: His cat form is what appears to be a lynx, such as those found in many of Quel'Thalas' forests. His cat form is not a normal lynx however; with a red-gold mane, and deep gold fur. This cat form also has his regular eyes. Flight Form:​ True to Quel'thalas culture, Larthian transforms into a phoenix when he wishes to fly (which is often). Contrary to normal phoenix(phoenixs?), whose eyes burn as a bright red flame, his eyes are again the bright blue of all High Elves. His plumage is also more gold than red, and there is no hint of the purplish-pink feathers that normal phoenix have.

    Strengths/Weaknesses: Because of his nature, Larthian is extremely loyal to his friends. This can cause major problems, as he will rush headlong into anything to save them. However, this is also to his benefit sometimes, as he becomes even more determined and uses his forms in ways that he wouldn't normally. He can also use his animal forms to blend in with natural surroundings, and is very adept at scouting and spying. His forms can be useful in a variety of situations.

    History: Larthian was originally going to be sent to the Arcane academy by his parents. He didn't want to study the arcane arts however, so he ran away from his family. They never spoke of him again, as he had disgraced the family name.

    After living in the wild for some time, Larthian had befriended many of the forests creatures. During one of his daily hunts through the forests for sustenance, he almost stumbled into a group of trolls. He very luckily managed to get away after being spotted, and took shelter in a cavern he had found, and had wanted to explore. Deep in the cavern, he found a set of scrolls in a language he couldn't understand, along with some idols depicting a very beautiful woman. He took these back to his home, and set them near his bed.

    Later that day, he came upon a lynx. The lynx had been gravely wounded by an Amani hunting spear. The great cat looked at Larthian and whimpered, clearly afraid. Larthian comforted the poor creature, and stayed with it throughout the night, tending it's wounds and soothing it's pain. By the time the dawn had come, the lynx was gone, and all that was left were the 2 pups from its litter. Larthian took them home with him, and raised them.

    That night, a strange, yet beautiful woman appeared to him in his dreams. She named herself Elune, and she said that he knew who she was, deep down, and that he was to be a powerful force for nature, and one of its guardians. Unbidden, a word came into his mind: Druid. Abruptly, he awoke to a shaft of moonlight coming in through the cave entrance, illuminating the scrolls and the idols. Again, the word druid came into his mind. On a whim, he opened the scrolls, hoping to read them in the moonlight. Amazingly, he could now read the strange glyphs, which glowed silvery in the moonlight.

    Over the next few weeks, Larthian studied the scrolls. Every night, a strange creature, with the body and antlers of a stag and the torso of an odd, vaguely elvish man, came to him in his dream, and taught him about Nature and it's intentions.

    One day, Larthian was walking through the forests with his 2 lynx compainions. Out of the brush came a group of trolls. Each stared at the other for a few moments, bewildered at the others presence. The lynxes growled, a low rumbling, and the trolls gave a wild war cry and attacked. Without thinking, Larthian raised his arm, and roots from the trees around shot out of the ground, enveloping all the trolls. Astonished, Larthian fled back to his home, bewildered at his new-found abilities. He began having dreams of a mountain with a great tree on it, where many more of the strange creatures dwelled. Enraptured, he began to have thoughts of finding this place, and to that end asked his dream-mentor where this magical place was.

    Having the knowledge of this wonderful place, he traveled down to Menethil Harbor, where he purchased a ship across the sea to Theramore. From there, he traveled north. After several months journey, he and his feline companions reached Moonglade. Amazed, he wandered through the great forests, whereupon he came upon the creature he met in his dreams, Remulos, Keeper of the Glade. He stayed there for many moons, learning the ways of the druid.

    During his time there, many of the vaguely elvish creatures came, as did many of what were called "tauren", creatures that looked like minotaur. Remulos ushered him to conceal himself whenever somebody came, for reasons he did not know. Other than those, it was one of, if not the happiest, time of his life.

    One day, he was walking through the wood with Remulos and his lynxes, now named Elune and Malorne, when they stumbled upon a fallen Nigh Elf. Both rushed over, and seeing that she needed help, Remulos called a bird to send a message to the peoples in Nighthaven, telling them to be ready to help the woman. While this was happening, Larthian shifted to his bear form, while Remulos lifted her onto his back so Larthian could carry her. Larthian bid Remulos farewell and moved to the direction of the small town. Upon entering the town, Larthain bellowed his greeting, a roar that echoed off the surrounding countryside. Many of his distant kin came to help the woman. As they helped her into what he assumed was the inn, he changed back into his humanoid form, and left the town, Elune and Malorne beside him.

    Time passed on. Larthian continued his studies, while Remulos continued to guide him. Some time after he brought the fallen traveler back to Nighthaven, Larthian was in his favorite glade, spending time with Elune and Malorne in the moonlight. Suddenly, the ground began to shake, gradually growing more and more violent. Soon, it seemed like the whole world was shaking. Animals everywhere in the forest were screeching with fear and pain. Elune and Malorne growled, deep rumbling, barely audible over the sound of collapsing trees elsewhere and the din from the ground.

    The shaking stopped, but Larthian was wary. He could sense, somehow, that this was only just beginning. Quickly, he left his glade, searching for Remulos, thinking that he might know what was going on. He shifted into his flight form without thinking, and began to head north. "Even if Remulos isn't there," he thought, "Surely something that I could help with has happened."

    Minutes later, he arrived at Nighthaven. Many people were running around the small town, including some trolls, of which Remulos had told him about, but it was the first friendly troll he had seen with his eyes. Many other druids were shifting into forms, while others were looking after the fallen. Again, the ground began to shake. He spied Remulos helping to tend to some of the people who were unconscious. He beckoned Larthian over

    As time went on, he eventually joined the people in Nighthaven, who eventually warmed up to him. He is now a member of the Cenarion Circle, and is currently helping Hamuul Runetotem and Malfurion Stormrage restore the wilderness of Hyjal.

    ((Will continue this))
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    Ohey that idea I yelled at you in one of those other threads, you listened!

    Can't wait to see more.

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    I originally planned on making him a Blood Elf, but it wasn't working out, timeline-wise or story-wise. I had to re-make half of it so it would make sense.

    It's not too bad that he learned the arts and Darnassian from Remulos, or had the dreams? I thought it might be a little odd, but I thought it'd make sense as there must've been Elune worshippers and druids among the Night Elves the went East after the Shattering, I just don't think they'd have been open about it. Is it okay?

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    I'm witholding general judgement till it's done, a little busy before work, y'see :P

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    Almost finished with it, just continuing up on a little backstory, then going into the "Cataclysm Arc."

    Judgment Day is coming :O

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