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    yes Skizz, ANYTHING without Tim Curry and Tom Cruise in a cheap film version of Zelda :P There's no part of the sentance that doesn't suck.

    that said, still the best value box set I've EVER seen, I went to see Mirrormask in the cinema, as SOON as it came out I got it on DVD, was on Amazon saw it for £20 though awesome, that's a good price, then the next item down was Mirrormask, Labirynth and Dark Crystal, in a box set for the same price it was like christmas

    Stephanie Leonidas is still really hot.
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    Mirrormask was one weird movie. I saw it in the theater and I have it on DVD and I'm STILL not sure if I actually liked it or not.

    I'm not a big fan of Gaiman as a novelist. Neverwhere and Coraline were good and Good Omens was funny but I haven't really liked any of the others. American Gods and Stardust were boring (though the Stardust movie was great,) Interworld was just kind of stupid, etc.

    The man may be one of the best comic book writers ever -The Sandman is still one of the most amazing things I've ever read- but he should lay off the novels IMO.

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    Neverwhere was a great read, but I enjoy his short stories the best. 'Snow,Glass and Apples' and 'Murder Mystery' are 2 of my favorite.

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