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    Deth'tilac bugged? No loot!

    hi i just killed this big rare spider in molten front and it took a good while until i got him down(he had 77M hp) but it turns out he dropped no freaking loot? some grey crystal worth 20g or something. i would atleast expect a cool vanity item or maybe 365 epic.

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    sorry i dont know how to make it smaller

    edit: guys i dont know what the hell is up with molten front rares but all i got from those silver ones, yay another blizz? is this patch ready?
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    lol, he's the rare hunter pet there.

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    Hiya OP

    All that thing is, it's a rare hunter pet

    Unfortunately well yeah that's all it is

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    Hahahaha oh my.

    Happy hunters inc.

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    You killed a perfectly good Hunter pet.
    As a Hunter who likes rare things, I don't like you anymore

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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA (not sure if trolling)

    ...and let the QQ from hunters begin!

    @OP: that is one of the new "taming challenges" for hunters; they are just rare pets extremely difficult to tame. They are meant to not drop anything so people tend to leave them at hunters.
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    This thread is going to be great!


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    Oh and yeah unfortunately OP your going to be assassinated long range style by a hunter in a few seconds

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    wtf? srsly u killed that? omg hunter rage inc.

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    I tip my hat, sir.

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    Epic thread is epic

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    Aiming a shot at your head now.

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    burn for your siiiinssss!!!!!!!! you have killed the most epicest hunter pet ever

    Uploaded with

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    they INTENTIONALLY made him drop nothing

    look carefully at that "grey crystal worth 20g or something"

    Crystalline Tear of Loyalty
    Item Level 1
    "The desire to serve as a loyal companion, coalesced into a single priceless crystal." <<<<<<< READ THAT BIT
    Sell Price: 25g

    its blizz way of telling you that you ROBBED a hunter of a rare pet and you deserve nothing at all

    you would make more money selling the spawn information to ur nearest friendly huntard
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    *Waits for an arrow to go through Mirakh's head*

    Yup...rare hunter pet there... Not meant to be killed.
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    This explains a lot.

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    So awesome you killed it

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    I laughed
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    This guy, along with 9 others in the Regrowth and Molten Front, are all just specialized Hunter pet tames.

    No loot at all.

    For your reference, here is the list:

    Molten Front
    Karkin - Black Gem Crab
    Skarr - Black Gem Cat
    Solix - Orange Fire Spider
    Kirix - Green Fire Spider
    Anthriss - Yellow Fire Spider
    Skitterflame - Red Fire Spider
    Deth'tilac - Purple Fire Spider

    The Regrowth
    Ban'thalos - Ghostly Owl Spirit Beast
    Anhka - White w/ Black Stripes Nightsaber Spirit Beast
    Magria - Blue w/ Black Stripes Nightsaber Spirit Beast

    Much like Madexx, Sambas, Karoma, and Terrorpene, they are there as hunter pets, and hunter pets only. These new ones just have additional extents you must go through to tame them.

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    i fear the hunter hate your going to get! D:
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    PS: Pandas are awesome.

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    A mage did this on my server last night as well, much to the annoyance of the 10 hunters sat watching him unable to stop it.
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