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    There is no "obtaining a competitive advantage over other players" as all players have access to use the same account mechanics as they used. They just choose to use it!

    Not their bad if Blizz reset the lockout.

    Even if Blizz takes away the world first, They still did it, Just because Blizz may not endorse it does not mean it didn’t happen.
    No they don't, this raid-id reset could only be performed on TW realms. And if it wasn't wrong, why did they remove it?
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    Protection warriors are like little brothers. They can't hurt you and if you ignore them long enough they will go away.

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    god this crap just came out and HC modes are already being spanked. come on blizz wake up.

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    And as the last PTR showed, some raiding guilds get their entire roster into private PTR servers for encounter testing. There's a lot afoot in the World First scene, and has been for quite a long time, which is why they're generally not considered to be such a big thing anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Althalus View Post
    god this crap just came out and HC modes are already being spanked. come on blizz wake up.
    The fact that .01% of the playerbase have no lives outside of Azeroth & Draenor should not have a detrimental effect on the rest of the players.

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    Stars who?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfgor View Post
    There is nothing stating they have yet to break the rules here. would they? probably not but one like this for world first where all you clowns are QQ ing i would assume they would say somthing.

    as far as using your head and or thinking, any tard can say anything about anyone they do not know, please dont hurt my video game feelings here i may not recover from it...
    Blizzard is unlikely to make a post publicly about any actions they may take if they find the actions of this guild to be punishable. They will rarely, if ever, discuss disciplinary actions of other players openly with the community. It was a regional exploit. In reality "World firsts" are simply bragging rights. Server firsts hold more merit to Blizzard than world firsts (as far as I know there are no exclusive titles for world firsts). So there is not even a reason to tell any other region about the exploit or disciplinary actions that may or may not incur.

    The guild in question showed they had the skill to take down the boss, so on that level yes a congratulations is in order. But is as far as I am willing to give them credit.

    For folks who have been rolling their eyes and saying it is Blizzard's own fault for not catching it... you code a game that is even one quarter of what World of Warcraft is without any bugs, glitches, flaws, or leaks. Then, and only then, do you have a right to criticize them for over looking what is honestly a needle in a haystack of coding.

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