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    [10] Baleroc

    Currently working on Baleroc and mainly having issues with his decimation blade as healers get accustomed to the fight

    Using a single prot pally tank

    We were banking on a Lay on Hands at one point (had a healing lull and panic'd) and it only healed for ~50k. No stacks of torment were on and the tank had ~480k health at the point. Any idea why LoH healed for so little?

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    When Baleroc spawns a shard and you have your raid member move close to it or how ever you do the tactic, have your healers find a rythem -> each time they heal a person with "Torment" (which is the debuff they get while standing close to the shard) They gain a stacking buff as well, where they will do extra healing on the tank with Blazing stacks (Your main tank).

    We had 3 healers going for 15 seconds on our tank (DK)

    15sec -> Priest heals Tank - Shaman + Paladin heals people with Torment to get there stacks up.
    15sec -> Shaman heals Tank - Paladin + Priest heals people with Torment to get there stacks up.
    15sec -> Paladin heals Tank - Priest + Shaman heals people with Torment to get there stacks up.
    When decimation happens -> 2 of em heals the tank while 1 of em heals the guys with Torment.
    Decimation falls off -> They continue the 15sec rule again.

    Thats what i would suggest you guys do, the decimate is pretty heavy hitting and can hit multiple times durring Decimation blade phase (lasts 15 secs) - Our Dk was able to pop a cooldown AFTER the decimation got him to 10% hp and then our healers took over and got him back up really fast since they have been stacking buffs

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    LoH heals for a tiny amount because the Decimation Strike also reduces healing done by 90%. Presumably precisely to stop people using LoH. ^^

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    Did with 2 tanks. Rather easy encounter like that. Decimation blade is less decimating. Just stack each tank's hp over 250k and taunt between each decimation blade melee strike (if it connects). No problem for healers getting the tank up then.
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    Simple fix is 2 tank it, 1 tank stays at 250k and takes Decimation blades and the other stays 300k+ and takes all the rest.

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