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    How does something THIS HUGE AND GLARINGLY OBVIOUS make it out of testing? No one is perfect, of course little glitches will slip by, but this is a game breaker, and you mean to tell me that in all their testing they never once encountered this? Come on.

    The fight is near-impossible right now if you hit this glitch. Either you jump through the middle and risk a chain of 3-5 disconnects, or you jump through a side hole and take 30-50% fall damage (which is usually an instagib for your tank if he couldn't be topped off before the jump).

    We literally had 5+ people disconnected at any given time on attempts last night.
    If you read -- Some people said they have not encountered the bug till last night or today. What this means is that when Blizzard had to hotfix something else the code kinked into this boss fight's code and caused a bug. It's something that happens and is very unpredictable. The best you can do is report it and let them reproduce it and try to narrow down what the code was.

    Classic example of this was when they patched BT I think then something spawned in the barrens running on a rampage page. Blue mentioned it awhile back, but I can't remember what it was as it's been so long ago. Bugs can and will happen and it's unavoidable. Just make the best you can and hope the solution can be found soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donalduckadin View Post
    Same thing has been happening to us. 90% of the time, the slow fall "catch" doesn't work either.
    Just to confirm, did you jump into the hole or the fireholes? Cause that's quite relevent if you would like to land on the ground safely.

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    Just for the record, we were getting people DCing regardless of whether they jumped through meteor holes OR the hole in the middle. This might have been because we were using levitate to mitigate falling dmg when going through meteor holes.

    Either way... wtf blizz qq.
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    Yeah it is specifically the middle hole causing the issues. We wiped twice, then got tipped off that the middle hole is causing problems, told our top team to use the meteor holes - then we 2 shot it :s

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matik View Post
    Use the holes created by the meteors, and you will have no issues
    We did, ended up skipping it for the night on our twink armada.

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