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    Lava Bolt Crossbow

    Anyone else's Lava Bolt Crossbow sound like a gun?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dudewax View Post
    Anyone else's Lava Bolt Crossbow sound like a gun?
    just 15mins ago a hunter in my raid group said the exact same thing xD

    so i guess its a bug.

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    Originally coded as a gun, that's why it makes the sound.
    inb4 people getting mad about dwarf racial and this weapon.

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    It was originally a gun Just a small bug

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    just because of this i sold 2 bows to vendor! omg it sounds terrible... still farming trash, hoping for a bugless one or a real bow!

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    Got the crossbow yesterday and yes it does sound like a gun. The animations are more gun-like than crossbow-like as well ... and i really hate it or rather my raid who has to deal with this beautiful, totally unintrusive sound -.-

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