Thread: Rag Parry's?

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    Rag Parry's?

    Lo, i play a ret paladin in my 10 man raid team, and my dps is significantly lower than in most other encounters due to standing infront of the boss. especially when i blow my cooldowns, i can usually get up to 50k dps at this time, and im hitting no more than 35. does anyone have any tips on how i can avoid being parried in this fight, whilst spreading in phase 2 i am stood RIIIIGGGGHTTTT at the far right of the boss to avoid getting 2 add spawns on me. but still i am being parred when i cant get any further away from the tanks.

    any idea's? or is it inevitable that i will be parried? (before you qq, i am expertise capped)

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    This thread may give you insight

    it talks about rag being turned 280

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    ty i'l do some reading.

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