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    am i realistic?

    ok i just cancelled my majority of players, i did this many times before. and ended up coming back.
    right now the thing is i am in a far country, my internet isnt so good but i am able to do 10 mans..i just thought to myself that
    the stuff i do in game is very limited due to the fact i am not in the u.s. at the moment. blizzard has not put servers in asia or whatever for the
    past few years..i think i wont lag as much if they did.
    also, i have numerous times asked them to fix venoxis fight, but we get no blue response nor even a hotfix. its brutal to be blamed for dying there when it is really beyond my control. the fact the developers didnt give much insight to net connections when they made it just implies they really dont give a rats ass. i begged and begged but not even a response or acknowledgement that theres a problem. if you research further, this fight alone demands a lot of bandwidth and if ur isp caps yours, you will disconnect.

    there are so many weird nerfs and changes, the pet aggressive stance being removed, i dont get it..why? when i do raid or heroic that requires me to get the adds it just no longer works as it should.

    the community is also..really bad. for some reason theres a whole lot of undesirables popping out more commonly than usual. people thinking they can get away with mouthing off someone just for a simple mistake - is just ..seriously fucked up. blizard has not really condemned bad behavior. they say they did but they wont do nothing about it. a few years ago a guy whispered me and threatened to kill me or cut me and i reported him but yes..
    the guy still played a long long time. i dont even think they sent him a msg or warning. forget about what they put in the general discussion area about "real life threats". and if u must know, i did not say a single bad word or anything to that guy. the guy claims he was drunk and got mad for being kicked in our raid, and he decided to take his anger out on me cause he thought my dps was "low" (i was healing..)

    anyway the game is such a turn off for me. i have so many toons thogh and i invested a LOT of time playing toons are well enchanted and semi-geared..i think i have 11 or something level 85s w/ decent gear. most of them have maxed professions too. i was able to work online and at home for the past few years so money was not really an issue but i guess my social life was dwindling a lil bit. im sort of older now and like, i havent really accomplished much.

    now as i have cancelled my subscription, my concern now is how much suffering i will endure..i will be thinking of playing every time i wake up and it will something like i would wanna physically reach out to am i being realistic in my approach of quitting cold turkey ?

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    Its a game. To better clarify, this is not like a marriage or trying to quit cigarettes or looking for a new job or scholastic degree. If you want to play, then keep playing. If you don't want to play then don't play. The less emphasis you put on quitting versus not quitting will make it easier for you to play versus not play (if that makes sense)

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    i been smoking since i was 14 and i quit that in a snap of a finger ..i dont even drink anymore ..but wow its just too hard to give up :X

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    Hold out for the next 5-6 months, Guild Wars 2 will release us all from WoWs kung fu grip!

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    Find something more interesting. When I don't want to play WoW, I think about the smell of cookies, and how good they taste, and how easy they are to make. Then I go make cookies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkbacon View Post
    now as i have cancelled my subscription, my concern now is how much suffering i will endure..i will be thinking of playing every time i wake up and it will something like i would wanna physically reach out to am i being realistic in my approach of quitting cold turkey ?
    Cultivate a fulminating hatred for Blizzard and the game; it makes staying away much easier. People will complain about your forum posts, though.
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    WoW is indeed hard to give up, but you really need to weigh IRL against it.

    You may miss a lot of things IRL, fun things, exciting things, and boy oh boy does that suck.

    So think about things you could be doing, and realize you're strapped to a computer, doing things that absolutely hold no water, and no bearing outside of being pixels on a machine. And you're pissing parts of your life away, for absolutely nothing.

    That may help.

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    The only thing that has held me to this game has been my guild (and the fact I'm usually snowed in 6 months of the year), I knew when the Cata model was announced it was going to be a nightmare. If you have a similar situation you may well be back but if it's just the game itself that you may, "be addicted too" I think you'll do just fine.

    They may fix things or somthing will come out that really has some original ideas and steam. Only time will tell but in the mean time, enjoy summer in any way you wish.

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