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    How close are YOU to the Legendary?

    So at this point I was wondering, how close is everyone to getting the 25 Eternal Embers needed for the first step?
    Oh also, let us know if you are a 10 or 25m guild

    I am personally on 4 Eternal Embers. 10 man 5/7

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    25man, 13/25 so far

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    10m, 6 embers out of 6 bosses. Will kill Rag on Sunday which I expect will be another ember.

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    0 out of 25!

    I'm making astounding progress! >:-D

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    It's been one week.

    Pointless thread is pointless.

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    3/25 Embers as of the end of my raiding week. 10 man guild BTW
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    OP you tell us to say 10man or 25man but you skipped it :O

    Our guild has 2/25 on first player (10man)

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    I have 2/25 on 10 man, only had 1 raid and killed 2 bosses tho

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    1 Ember.

    It would have been 3 but Blizzard's stupid loot methods meant the first 2 went to random people.

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    2 Embers in 10 man, wish I were raiding 25-mans now. Damn you Penguin FTW!
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    im getting it second but we have only 8 atm... first boss gave us 3 then the others gave us 1 each

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    Our Mage has four at the moment. The two that dropped from Beth'tilac and Rhyolith went to our Resto Shaman who was also on the quest. The Embers just went straight to him. No one else could loot them...

    We've put in about a half a dozen tickets between three people, and the GMs still haven't done anything. It's VERY irritating.

    We're 10m.

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    13/25 25man, not me... the druid in my guild.
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    A better expansion.
    25man man 7/25 we have only had one boss drop more than 1 shard and we still have rag up so maybe 1-3 more
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    3/25 from 3 bosses so far in 25 man, damn you RNG! Still better than 10 man though >.>, poor fellas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bombkirby View Post
    0 out of 25!

    I'm making astounding progress! >:-D
    Im right there with ya brother!

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    The officers have been happily looting their fill. I am not an officer.

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    Mage that's making it has 12 so far this week with rag left i think. Prick :<
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    10 man, cleared 6/7 so far... 4/25 embers. FML.

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    We have 7/25 I believe from 25man. Ryolith dropped 3, the others dropped 1 or 2.

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