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    [H] Cho'gall <Why Tempt Fate> Heroic 25m Morning Raiding

    Server: Cho'gall

    Cata Progression 25 man Raids:

    •Dragon Soul 8/8 Normal
    •Firelands 6/7 Heroic
    •Tier 11 7/13 Heroic

    Morning Raid Times: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 8:30 - 11:30 CST/Server Time
    Sometimes Noon if we have a boss kill imminent.
    Weekend optional raids for old content and alts

    Recruitment Open For:
    •Anyone with good raid awareness, attendance, and ability to follow instructions
    •Those that excell at thier class and are willing to earn a spot
    •Looking for a couple high dps producing players
    •Holy Paladin, Ele Shaman, Holy Priest, Resto Shaman, Warlock, Tank

    We are a Heroic Guild, so if you aren't up to wiping and everything that comes with heroic, don't waste our time.

    f you want to apply: Have ilvl 375+, be able to stay all 3 hours of the raid, have a good connection, have a good computer, be able to post in forums/tell an officer if u will be absent

    Please apply at:

    We only accept 18+. Have a good connection, don't suck, and don't be dumb.

    We do keep a bench so we can always raid, be willin to do some sitting if you are a new app.

    Loot in 25s are handled by EPGP. You do earn EP if you don't raid and are waiting on the bench.

    We expect people to know whats BIS for them and make good decisions for the betterment of the guild when it comes to loot.

    Enchants, gems, food, and flasks are provided for raids.

    If you would like more information about the 2nd most progressed 25m Heroic Morning Raid Guild, log into Cho'gall and talk to Rathimis, Scoreboard, Denky, or Immortalis about becoming part of our team.
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    Bump for healers and good people

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    Recruitment and progression updated. Lookin for some good people that can earn thier spots

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    Lookin for some good apps

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    Keyboard Turner TicTox's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
    these guys are great good leadership GREAT server always pugs doing FL or Something most FL pugs are 6/7

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    Hey PUGs go 7/7 here. But its usually Rag only kills.

    Opened up recruitment, we people with good attendance.

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    We really need a full time Resto Druid - our 2nd one has spotty attendance, a full time Disc priest - again spotty attendance, and a full time Holy Pal - its just me right now and heroics are much easier with two - you'll get free reign on gear as I'm already geared up.

    Lets go!

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    Heroic Aly is down!


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    Bump for new kills

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    Still recruiting, have several core spots open

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    Core spots open still for ranged dps and healers

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    Bump. Need consistent raiders who want to gear out for DS and kill heroic Rag.

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    Bump. Need Ranged DPS

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    Bump for ranged for Heroic Rag

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    Still need ranged dps to "bump" H rag

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    Morning raiding, so much fun, no really, it is

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    Keyboard Turner
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    Nov 2011
    8/8 25m now + new deathwing mount =P *Bump*

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    Bumps, need some good players that think lightsabers are gay

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    Keyboard Turner
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    *bump* *bump*

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    Bump for ranged dps

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