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    [Movie] Picture from "The social network" (need help)

    Hey guys.

    We have just watched "The social network" and I've found a picture which I realy like.

    I've taken a screenshot from the picture (I own the DVD).

    If anyone could help me to find out the name of the picture or artist from the picture in the background I'd thankful with cake and cookies.

    Any hint might help.

    Thanks in advance.

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    No one with even a small hint?
    Where else should I search? Anyone got a mail addy from the headquarters support or smth?

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    Try asking on IMDB massive film fan base their

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    That is a pretty cool painting. Let me know if you happen to find that answer.

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    Hi, that Painting/Print felt very familiar to me , but I couldn't put my finger on it, the distance and speed of the scene makes It look like a green Muppet..But it's a actually a woman wearing a soldiers helmet with goggles on.

    But I knew I had seen a similar Image, And the original is from from A picture of Poly Styrene who was in a 70's British Punk band called X-Ray Spex..There's normal and monochrome Pictures searching through Google< But that Ink Blot/Screen Print, seem to be very rear or was only made for the film/or for facebook offices..

    But at least you have some leads now..

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