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    Yeh Truegold was a funny one

    I stock piled a few prior to 4.2 - mostly just costing me the xmute fee as im a miner. Kinda figured that pats wouldn't be available straight up with 4.2 coming so when the price hit 1100 each i thought i'd sell - which would give me enough time to recoup my stocks again

    Price now back down to 400 odd

    Dream Result lol

    TLDR - people panic when patches come out, some people can win big off this

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    Prices have increased slightly on my realm for 400-650. They're slightly higher than pre-patch so theres a small profit to be made that probably wasn't worth the effort unless the market changes. Of particular worry is the price of those weapons made from these with the caster dagger and one handed str weapons going for about 22k with their FL boe equivalent at 13 ilevel higher only 10-15k more expensive. Basically I don't think they'll sell and after the initial listing excitement won't be seen as worthwhile things to craft.

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    They are sitting at 800g on the low-end on US-Darrowmere (Alliance) at the moment, with most sitting in the 1100g range. Orbs are going for 1.2k gold at the minimum. Blacksmiths and Engineers are making a killing. The Engineering gun is selling for about 14k. The Blacksmithing weapons are gone as soon as they are posted to the AH.

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    Granted I've hopped server twice since I started stockpiling Truegold, but I got roughly 55 for 400g 6 weeks or so ago. Just check prices this morning on my new new server and they are up to 715g. Going to sell a few at this price and keep an eye on it to see if it starts rising to wait a little bit longer, or if it plummets I can try to dump em all quickly at a lower market rate, but still hopefully higher then what it would plummet to.

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    just saw a small increase in price for tg at my (eu) server. have a few left which i'll sit on for a while.

    pre 4.2 400g-500g
    just after release 800g
    then 300g and steady at 400
    the other day around 600g
    now 500g

    thats the move on my realm

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    TG down to 700g and falling on my server. Engy guns already down to 10k. Don't think there'll be a big price bump.

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    Truegold was selling for about 400 ish on my server so I took the ones I stockpiled and made 4 of the new 2H swords and sold them for around 10 to 12k each.

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    Im stockpiling Chaos Orbs for when they go BoE, hope it doesnt backfire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bullet1519 View Post
    Im stockpiling Chaos Orbs for when they go BoE, hope it doesnt backfire.
    Oo....i bet they are more worth while they are BOP. Or do you have them on an unhappy profession (e.g. tailor or engi)? But at the moment, now that the new recipes are unlocked, people are asking for like 1k per orb to craft something...not sure if they are selling it but i think they do...

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    Price has pretty much doubled on my server since the BS plans were unlocked, shifted the 80 I had pretty quickly. There might be another increase, I doubt it, but as I have 2 trans spec'd Alch's I've made my profit and I'm happy .

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    I am starting to twitch a little now that prices aren't really rising.
    Considering the fact it's "only in-game gold" and "I already have more gold than I can use", I consider the following.

    The 365 weapons are the best weapons many players can get, for at least many weeks. Mind you, they are not the best items per se, but they are more accessible than raiding. The question lies with the price people are willing to pay for such a thing... I'm sure there will be a steady demand, but what will people pay for such item?

    For example, the 365 gun was posted on the AH for an initial cost of 14k, but someone else was immediately willing to sell it for 10k.
    Given following materials: Hardened Elementium Bar (5), Truegold (8), Hair Trigger, Walnut Stock, Chaos Orb (5), 10k is a rather... competetive price.
    We must however consider that the seller was able to snatch the Truegold in the 400g/per era (3200g), and is willing to charge only 500g per chaos orb (2500g), still giving him a huge profit.

    The point I'm trying to make is that prices for the 365 weapons are FALLING now, but that is because there is no shortage of Truegold yet! To be honest, I couldn't be bothered doing all those dailies, but the people who did (BS/Engi), they did so while foreseeing they were gonna make a killing with the patterns. Surely, those people would have the brains to be the buyers of all those 400g Truegold bars in the past few weeks, whilst transmuting them themselves, wouldn't they? Any serious crafter would at least have a Truegold stock to craft about 5-6 items, maybe even more (depends on the Orbs they have!).

    Therefore, I'm holding onto my Truegold for dear life. If I'm right (big if), the Truegold supply will run dry while demand will rise (more people with the recipes, more people's alts needing as well). As a result the crafters will make less profit (their profits are INSANE now, but that's what you get for running dailies for weeks).

    My magical selling point would be 1000g per Truegold, I'm not sure if that will ever happen. That is 8k for the Truegold alone, while you could buy the gun now for 10k only!

    We'll see if I'm right. In the worst case, prices go back to 400-600g, and I will kind of break even. It doesn't really matter.

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    Guarantee that they're worth more when BoP.

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    I stockpiled nearly 70 Truegold, buying the occasional bar or two when it went below 550g over the last few weeks. The morning that everyone had access to the new BS recipes, I bought out the few bars that were left for around 700g and listed some bars at 1200g each, individually and in stacks of 8 to push the price up. I sold quite a few at that before it started getting flooded and prices dropped as expected.

    48 hours later and I've sold all the bars I wanted to (keeping some back for making my own weapons) and for no less than 850g. Most went 950-999g.

    My gamble paid off big time, and I'm now sitting on a fat pile of cash, sighing with relief.

    Edit: Couldn't be bothered to farm Chaos Orbs on my BS, but had enough to make and sell one Witch-hunter Polearm for 40k. Listed it high and didn't expect to sell it!
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    I didn't dump mine, and its now 1200+ G/ea on my server.

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    Truegold is going for 900+ gold on Quel'dorei.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imoldgregg View Post
    Truegold is going for 900+ gold on Quel'dorei.

    truegold goes for 400 on my server, aint even worth stockpiling, never was imo

    game has become to easy, that was a tactic from the past, wont work ever again.

    So many people botting 2, look at the ah, herbs, ores, volatiles, dropping like flies...

    its bad... very very bad.
    Quote Originally Posted by Valdemar View Post
    Holy shit reading that post made my eyes feel weird. My sight is superfocused too...

    fuck this shit man I'm going to sleep

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    Was about 450g in 4.1 on my realm, its peaked at about 600g now. Disappointing.

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    It sucks. I went on my old server and saw that Truegold Bars were going for 800g per. Too bad they're only (and have only been at) 400g per for the past long time.

    Guess my server is SOL. Grats if you made cash off Truegold though
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    I sold 10 bars today for ~800 each. I still have another 5 on the AH, and another 20 or so in my bank. Hopefully prices remain buoyant.
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    Prices still at about 1700 on my server somehow.
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