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    Best healing addon out there?

    Hi guys !

    Normally I am a shadow priest, but I am now building up my holy/disc gear and spec so what I need to know is what healing addon healers out there are happy with and which you recommend for a priest healer

    Those addons I know of is Vuhdo, Grid, Grid 2 (?) and healbot.

    Please tell me why you recommend that addon too, thanks.

    Thanks for any response and sorry for my english

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    I'd suggest Grid together with Clique.

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    Grid, NOT Grid2

    It has adjustment for everything.

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    I use vuhdo and like it

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    clique due to the simple fact that it allows you to hoverbind anything.
    other than that it's really up to you to find a raid frame that you like.
    grid is nice in the sense that it shows you exactly what you need to know and nothing else.

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    In all honesty it's personal preference:
    - any decent unit frames that will show you the information that you need in a manner that is most comfortable for you
    - any decent click casting addon that, again, you find suits your needs

    Basically try out a few of the suggestions mentioned and if you don't like one delete it and move on to another. I use Shadowed Unit Frames and a heavily modified version of an addon called sBinder (even more lightweight than Clique)

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    I just use default Blizzard Frames and mouse over macros.

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    I like blizzard default raid frames for 5 mans + clique.

    For raids you should check out Grid with

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    I love Vuhdo its shows so much info plus you can make it do what you want.

    Here is a raid I did with it

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    I used to use Grid/Clique, it was good, not hating on it, but VuhDo is just better.
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    I would try becoming better without addons first.

    Why base your skills on a crutch?

    I recommend this because... it's better for me.
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    k, i dont usually like to jump into discussions like this, but...

    targeting and casting is slow. you miss using half your spells. if you truly think otherwise you prove my point.

    OT: i use clique and the default new raid frames. it does everything healbot did after i spent hours and hours configuring it. didnt take more than a couple seconds to get the default raid frames to work AND it doesnt crap out for a half hour if i DC.
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    Grid imo
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    VuhDo. I like it a lot better than Healbot, and it was easier to set up than when I tried to set up Grid + Clique (although I was told by someone else who uses it that it was just me and it isn't hard to configure at who knows).

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    Grid and Clique personally. Very clean and very customizable. VuhDo and Healbot are just too clunky and ugly for me. Plus there are tons of additions you can download.

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    Saying the same thing everyone else is... I use to use grid+clique; now I use VuhDo... it really is just better.

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    I can't recommend Grid enough, the versatility is invaluable and the quick information it can provide is awesome in frantic healing situations. As was previously mentioned, the addons you can download for it are awesome, and usually there is an addon for just about any need you have.

    I hear a lot of people say that Grid's configuration is too confusing, but really its all very straightforward. If you dont know what something does, experiment and see how it changes your frame, and just reverse it if you dont want it. You can make grid into anything you want.

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    Tried VuhDo, couldn't get it to do things that I was doing with Grid + Clique, have since switched to using ShadowedUF Raid frames and Clique because it lets me set up 5-man frames with the same features I use for raids, and still get the additional info that you expect in 5 mans.

    To be honest, this is really a very personal decision, everyone likes/needs different things. I even know a very good healer that uses no addons. No clue how he does it, it just works for him.

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    You don't need addons. Addons exist to assist you, when an addon becomes "necessary" to do your job, either you or Blizzard is doing something terribly wrong. And now that Blizzard fixed their end (ingame raid frames) you don't need any addons to heal.

    Here's all you need to heal:

    /cast [@mouseover] Holy Light

    Replace "Holy Light" with whatever you need. Repeat as necessary. Put these macros on your hotkeys. Boom, suddenly everything is better. Using both keybinds and mosehovering to heal is much more versatile than using mouse-clicks. And this way nothing is broken on patch day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by funkyfloyd View Post
    targeting and casting is slow. you miss using half your spells.
    I've been raiding since Classic WoW, hardcore and softcore with all healing classes. I've never needed mouseover macros or addons. I get compliments all the time for good healing. To each his own.

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