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    [BIO] Nether-Stalker Jalal

    Nether-Stalker Jalal

    Name: Jalal
    Age: Unknown
    Race: Ethereal
    Gender: Male

    Class: Nether-Stalker, Rogue

    Likes/Dislikes: Jalal loves money, rare artifacts and power. Nothing makes him more happy then basking in his earnings, even if they are legal or not. Jalal dislikes many members of the Horde, finding the Goblin's to be "stealing his customers." Despite his dislike of them, Jalal is willing to strike a deal if need be. Jalal has a deep hatred of the Blue Dragonflight, for reasons regarded in his past.

    Strengths/Weaknesses: Close-combat in the form of assassination work is Jalal's pivotal strong point, capable of taking down even the largest of targets with ease. Skilled enough to enter the Twilight Hammer's forces and gather information from within, Jalal has done everything from extortion of neutral parties to the retrival of high-class documents to get the job done. His major weakness has shown to be, money in all of it's aspects. Quick to be distracted by it, Jalal is capable of being bribed if the offer is high enough.

    Once a tall tanned-skinned man with long black hair and a very thick black beard, Jalal was often said to "have a menacing approach." Following his becoming an Ethereal, Jalal has since become a mass of arcane-infused energies that are violet in color that has adorned white colored strips of cloth that wrap around his entire body. Purple colored cloth hangs from his lower torso and a leather-crafted cuirass sits on his chest, purple in color as well.

    As a Nether-Stalker, Jalal is a unique form of Rogue. His unique make-up and speed allows him to quickly dart around and deliver a quick kill therefore he has suited weaponry to fit his style. He carries a pair of daggers with curved blades, soaked in poison. He has shown to also carry a crossbow, armed for medium-long ranged combat.

    Since his days on K'aresh, Jalal has always been cunning and deceitful. Like many of his people, Trade dominated his life, even his family centering their entire status around being skilled traders. It was said that Jalal would sell out anyone for money, proved true when his brother commited acts against his people by giving information to rivaling countries. Jalal was never trusted solely for his deceitful ways, people scoffing his decision to evacuate their people instead of resisiting Dimensius' power.

    Following his transformation into an Ethereal, Jalal became rather quiet and severed himself from the world. Retaining his status as a Noble, he watched in silence was his fellow Ethereal attempted to push back Dimensius' power. For a short period, Jalal actually thought peace would oneday be restored to K'aresh. For the first time in years, Jalal had shown slight happiness despite becoming such a "being." He constantly ridicules his appearance, mocking it by calling himself a "a damaged soul wrapped in weak cloth."

    During his time on Azeroth, Jalal would appear to have much stronger goals then he did when he arrived in the Outlands. His strive to gaining back what he had lost, namely his life as a Noble and his near infinite riches, Jalal has even made an Alliance with those of the S1:7 in order to reclaim what he has lost.


    Jalal was a Noble on K'aresh, known for his controlling behavior and deceitful tactics. His family would be known for their control over 40% of the Trade Markets on K'aresh, gaining much power within the government. When the looming threat of Dimensius the All-Devouring reached his home planet, Jalal was quick to call for an automatic evacuation of the planet. To his dismay, the plan's were rejected and a new plan to attempt and push back Dimensius' dark arcane energies and powers. Constructing a magical barrier around the its cities, his people were able to keep the dark energies at bay. Called on his lack of trust in the strategy, Jalal was proven right when the magical barriers backfired on the populace.

    Warped into arcane-infused beings comprised of a living "soul", Jalal and those who were affected would become known as an "Ethereal." Adorning crimson colored enchanted strips of cloth and armor of nobility, the people of K'aresh would gain enough power to hold back Dimensius' power for a short time. Jalal's plan would surface once again, when Dimensius summoned his fellow Voidwalkers to K'aresh. Setting off into the Twisting Nether, the Ethereal would find their way to the Outlands. Jalal himself, no longer the high and mighty noble he once was, took a liking to his newfound arcane-prowess and would set off into the world of the Outlands.

    Finding his way to Shattrath, Jalal would meet a battle-hardened Human from the world of Azeroth. A freelancing Human Rogue, who also found himself in the Outlands spoke to him about the art of being an Assassin, inspiring the former Noble to take up a life in the shadows. His speed his most valuable asset, Jalal would eventually find his way to Azeroth following the defeat of Illidian Stormrage. Setting out to the Borean Tundra, Jalal would assist the Gnome's of the settlements known as the Fizzcrank Airstrip in exchange for their assistance in researching the arcane-energies of Coldarra in an attempt to locate artifiacts of his homeworld.

    Discovering several arcanic patterns similar to the ones used to protect his city following Dimensius' attack on K'aresh, Jalal took up his findings to the Wizard's of Dalaran whom he trusted more then most other Humans. Their prowess in the arcane-arts left them an open book to an arcane-being like Jalal. Jalal learned much from his findings, discovering the arcanic pattern's were powerful "databanks" of the construsts utilized by his people.

    Taking this information to the Consortium in an attempt to trade the information for a place high up if they ever retook K'aresh, his plans went sour when he was attacked by a member of the Blue Dragonflight. Seeking the data for it's magical power, the dragon known as Mystrigos, attacked Jalal and managed to steal the data.

    Left in anger, Jalal made it a personal "goal" to erradicate as many of the Blue Dragonflight as he could after he gained his reputation and power back. Traveling to the Eastern Kingdoms, Jalal would learn of the damage done by the Aspect of Death known as Deathwing. Understanding how a monstrous being of dark power could devastate one's home, Jalal took the opportunity to assist the Alliance against the rising threat.

    Jalal, employed by an "ally" he had met in the Mage's Quarter who was also a mage of Dalaran, would make his way into the hand's of the Twilight Hammer Cult where he would begin extensive research involving their use of magic and the bounding of Elementals. In exchange, Jalal was offered payment for his duties assisting the Alliance. Discovering several key details involving magical seals that related to findings in Ashenvale where the Twilight Hammer was also present at one point.

    The Consortium, taking note of Jalal's service to the Alliance, believed him to be a valuable asset to the Consortium. Offering him his role as a Noble as he once had been on K'aresh, Jalal joined very willingly.
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    I like the bio but I would have to say that it would be extremely unlikely that he would work with SI:7 (ps that is an i not a 1). They have a particular order and recruitment for the rogues they allow into their organization. Not to mention that any member he met of SI:7, and that would identify himself as a member would be the leaders and then they wouldn't train you. The members that preform assassinations are closely guarded secret and lower members also help them to keep it this way. They might recruit you, but keep in mind that Jalal would of had to preform a large feat worthy of renown to catch their attention. I would suggest reading the Stormwind Assassins, as this is the basis of their organization.

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    I appreciate the feedback, I am not sure why I put that 1 instead of an I... must've been some wierd impulse. The idea of him being a member of SI:7 is a lil' to farfetched. As we speak, I'm more or less re-working his life after the Outlands.
    : I reworked his History, excluding the SI:7 in all of it's aspects.
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