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    I regret stockpiling Truegold.

    Without a doubt, I regret it. I'm not quite sure how everyone seemed to miss the facts that hinted at the situation that's taking place on most servers - crashing Truegold prices with no end in sight. These items that require Truegold simply take too long to acquire and are too out-of-demand by the time they will become available.

    Personally, I got out of the market today. I sold off most of my stock for around 450 per Truegold. That being said, prices were at / around 700g per about 3 weeks ago and I decided to not sell then in anticipation for higher prices.

    I was wrong.

    There will be no huge price-spike in Truegold. People have 4 weeks to gear up. That's almost 4,000 Valor Points along with 4 weeks of farming for gear which is higher iLevel than the i365 items which will require Truegold bars.

    Simply put: This gear won't be needed. You will be able to get near-equivalent gear from Justice Points without spending a huge lump of cash.

    If you can find a way to get out with what you started with, I say go for it. I just wish that I would have sold the Truegold as they came into my hands via daily transmute or at any time of profit.

    So, as I said earlier, get out now. Let the Truegold be someone else's problem.
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    I disagree, everyone has alts, and everyone wants to make epics to sell. There are other reason's than this, however, it is 4 am and i can no longer think about this subject.

    They will make money, guarantee it.

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    You sound like the kind of person that would invest heavily in stocks, and then when it crashes pull all your money out. You took the hit, stay in for the rise back in price.

    The prices are down because of short sighted people. The recipes take time to get. Right now they're being funded by guild banks. However when they come around to being not unreasonable for alts, the truegold demand will go back up. "No end in sight" is only true if you are very short sighted. The patch hasn't been out a friggin week yet and you're saying there's no end in sight? Christ man, there's no beginning in sight yet.

    Still, thanks to you and people like you, because your choices make me more money. yaaay.

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    I'm not that long it, pretty much saved up for personal use.

    You are forgetting one very importaint fact. NO ONE, has opened up the vendor patterns yet from the dailys. The raid pats are going to take a bit to gather the embers (or whatever they are calling em) The daily vendor's pats everyone and their brother will have, and alot of good stuff in there. which.. need truegold.

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    You sold them too early, really terrible strategy... One can see this is your first time doing something like this.

    Oh well, better patience next time.

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    You do know, that if you combine truegold with living ember, you get ilvl378 stuff, which in my case is BiS-pre-hc, right? (rogueboots)

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    Think of it this way, sure the patterns you can get through trash farming atm are cool, but those are armor upgrades which are minimal to the casual when you can get 359 with JP. When people unlock the weapon plan vendors truegold will skyrocket for a good couple of weeks because the highest weapon a non raiding casual can get is 353, and the patterns are 365 weaps.

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    I'm laughing at the plummeting Truegold price on my server too as everyone rushes to sell their stocks. Am I the only one to realise the price is likely to go up in a few weeks when the Molten Front dailies offer up teh BS recipes? When the majority of people get these, that's when the price is going to rise, not instantly after 4.2 being released.

    Edit: And if I'm wrong and the prices stay low, good job I've been keeping up to date with the dailies on my BS so I can make the weapons to sell instead!
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    How are the VP a concurrence to TrueGold-made stuff? The TrueGold-recipes 365 are weapons. You do not get weapons with VP...

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    The huge spike havn't come yet. You made a mistake by selling them already, you are clearly underestimating the power of alts and not very progressive raiding guilds. Obviously these two, will be your primary costumers. Not the top raiding guilds. The first spikes, as you are talking about, have not come yet. It won't come before in ~25 days. 25 days? That's like 4/5 weeks of raiding. I highly doubt any raiding guild will have half of their raid stuffed out in weapons better than these at that point.

    You are the type of person that I earn thousands of gold on, on a daily basis - the impatient group. Instead of selling them, as the majory also are on my server, as they obviously know nothing about stockpiling, you should buy them out, as they are probably thinking the same as you - but are wrong.

    Edit: And even IF you are right, which i'm 95% certain you are not, you will still at that point be able to sell truegold at the same value as you are now. So unless you badly need gold right now, I would have waited.

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    I sense a power player market wise - guys! SELL SELL SELL THE SKY IS FALLING - "so yeah, soon as the price drops below 300g each buy the lot, we'll make a fortune muhahahaha".
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    OP said this so u sell your bars for low money so he can buy them and stock moar and moar

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    That's why I didn't stockpile them in the first place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fhaerris View Post
    OP said this so u sell your bars for low money so he can buy them and stock moar and moar
    Well, I should rephrase my OP. I don't quite regret it. I made about 50-100g per bar (never paid more than 400 for the mats for each one) - to me, the risk of the prices going up was worth the benefit of selling what I had for the price I did. I still made decent money, and I'm happy with my decision.
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    once the BS vendor at the molten front is unlocked i can see truegold EASILY going to 1k each if not more on my server. that's why i have 4 stacks in my alts bank

    and fyi, you forget about the number of casuals there are in the game who want shinies without having the time to farm trash or raid. they will be rushing to the ah to get their welfare 365 items asap, and the hardcore gamers who will want their 378 crafted items, which for alot of classes are BIS pre hardmodes, which was already pointed out above ^^
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    I've held onto some items for months waiting for them to go up to an acceptable price. 9/10 times people are just impatient and want a quick buck which is where people like me come in to profit off you :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brett Skullcrack View Post
    The "hit" you took is a sunk cost and should not be considered in any way when making decisions about your position. You should not stay in a tanked stock just because you took a hit, it's always better to pull out and invest in something else that will give you a higher return.
    Ahh, thank you, I make soooo much money off people like you. Not just in game either. When the whole market dives, you stay in. If you bail because even a single stock took a dive, and just assume it will get worse, you're short sighted. Go ahead and bail cause something went down. I will invest while it's cheap and enjoy watching it climb back up.

    The market dived because people stockpiled, the patch hit, and the demand didn't go up. People are liquidating their stocks out of panic, which is why it's low. The demand hasn't yet hit.

    The hit is a sunk cost, you're right. Selling now doesn't mitigate it. As others have mentioned, it's not going any lower, so there's NO reason to be selling now except short sightedness. There's no place to go but up. But hey, make me out to be the fool. I shall laugh all the way to the bank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brett Skullcrack View Post
    Of course you do. Staying with a bad investment because you cannot accept your mistake and cut your losses is one of the basic mistakes amateur investors make, it's due to simple human psychology. Whether the market went up or down is irrelevant, what you need to look at are the expected future gains. Although at the end of the day if you want to invest in stocks you just buy the index and hold for 10-20 years, anything else is just stupid.
    You are correct about it being a mistake to stay with a bad investment due to pride. In regards to truegold I honestly believe that the demand is really low atm due to a limited amount of people actually able to craft 4.2 recipes never mind having the unique materials needed to make said gear. That being said I honestly suspect that demand will go up as more guilds progress through the content

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    It's the first week of the patch! What did you expect? There just can't be huge enough supply of living embers yet!

    Patience, discipline!

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