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    Yeah I know what wikipedia says but there's been some bullshit about planning permission and council regulations going on and that's why I'm not so sure. Besides, there's this whole infrastructure problem, I doubt Anfield can get more than 10-15k seats whilst making a new stadium with 60k seats that would be susceptible to a 20k increase would be a lot easier/better (albeit more expensive). I really don't know but as I've said before I'm confident that they'll do the right thing.

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    Here is what I remember when we went to old Yankee Stadium as part of the tour. Overall, I would rate it 5th out out of 6th parks we went to although not all of it was their fault. The bus area they crammed all the buses in there so it made it hard for us to get out of there after the game. The area around the stadium was a bit on the seedy side so we didn't go look around. While understandable ther were lots of security at the gate but it was still a bit unnerving. Our seats were way up in the rafters and the stairs up there were so steep you really had to watch your step. The game was a blowout early with the Yankees getting blown out by Tampa so it took the crowd out it early. We actually left early and went back to the bus.

    I will say they had one of the better pregames where a jet flew overhead and a couple of guys parachuted down on to the field. I wouldn't mind seeing the new park to check that out. Hopefully, if we do we would get better seats.

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