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    Any method of cross faction talk?

    I know blizzard have said its bannable to have a means to talk cross faction. Why this has to be an issue if its though an addon system just seems pointless, but on that, I was wondering if there wasn't something that can be used, a third party addon or something else, for cross faction talk and interaction, such as with other players with the same thing.

    Obviously first thought would be real id, but after so much issue of privicy and finding it annoying to have all friends spam me no matter what character I'm on in wow, I removed real id and kept it simple, so would sooner not use that. Also, since this would be roleplay, I don't really want to share out real name or anything, I just want a method of having conversations with friends between factions well on the same server, rather then just using limited emotes.

    Even if its not a wow addon, isn't there something else that can be used, baring in mind, I don't exactly want to throw my details around with people who I just want to have as roleplay friends, nothing more.

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    The only legal and approved way would be Real ID if you want it to be purely ingame. Else you can add overlay chat modules going to IRC or MSN, whichever you prefer.

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    There's always the emotes in-game.

    (However, you can not make your own emote. Last I checked, it just says they make some strange motions.)

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    Use /me. For example: /me wants to tell you that he can't wait to bludgeon you to death.

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    Emotes don't work; it shows up as [name] makes some strange gestures no matter what emote text you type.

    (Used to work in vanilla, but they fixed it a while ago.)

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