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    Giving him misinformation such as "You have to eat every two hours to speed up your metabolism" isn't going to help either though.
    Myths and bro-science do nothing but harm beginners looking to get off to a good start and propagating lies and myths harms more than helps even if the intention is good.

    It just annoys me that there is so much bad info. out there.

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    get smaller plates, its not a big change but it does help with having smaller meals, also drink a lot of water. if you dont want to go to the gym or anything like that, you can do simple things like walk/cycle to work/school depending on distance, if you have to drive, park a little further away just so you walk more. most of this stuff has probably already been said, but i dont really know much more :P
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    Everytime you eat anything note it here.
    You see you cal intake and carbs/protein/fat percentage.

    I would stay away from extremely low carb diets.

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    I was pretty damn overweight around 3 years ago, i didn't make working out "my lifestyle" and i didn't change my eating habits drastically, just have my junk food at the weekends now and during the week for 1-2 hours a day i do some simple work outs. Im no hulk but i think i look pretty damn good. I also took up boxing again and i love it, if you can get into a sport that you enjoy it helps a ton. But in all honesty if you want to shift that weight you will. just stick to working out in whatever way you find best!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiceDice View Post

    Provided you have a healthy diet and drink lots of water your body will do this naturally, it's pretty good at it, infact.

    this is so true... after the first week my body start spewing all sorts of gnarly shit out of me. i wont go into more detail than that, but yeah, detox kits are expensive... just adjust your diet and let mother nature take care of the rest

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    Eat at set hours 3 times a day (real food, not some shit you cook up in the microwave), stop playing WoW, get some exercise (walking an hour every day is a good start).
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    go live in the woods for a month. that'll do it ! :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiceDice View Post
    Would you like to refute my statements or just plug your ears and go "lalala you're wrong".
    I refuted your statement, quite logically and based on understood nutrition information, I note you're ignoring that. You're quite right that eating every two hours is stupid and pointless, on the other hand eating once a day is going to make losing weight much harder. Not impossible by any means, but harder. Eating constantly does nothing to speed your metabolism, but eating very infrequently will definitely slow it. A normal three meal a day diet, or slightly more frequently is ideal. Two meals a day probably isn't bad for most people. One a day is definitely going to put most people on the edge of starvation mode.

    Metabolism definitely matters to weight loss. Meal frequency definitely matters to metabolism. It's not a one for one "eat this many meals a day and this will happen" ratio, and it's not as critical as balancing calorie consumption vs calorie burn, but eating one meal a day will definitely make weight loss harder. It will decrease metabolism, and it will decrease the amount of energy you feel like you have (becasue your body will try to keep more of it back). It won't prevent you from exercising (the energy is there), but it will make it harder (you don't feel like it's there). My general theory with people trying to get started on losing weight is to minimize the number the of efforts of will they have to make. Forcing them to fight through the psychological barrier of their body telling them they're starving, while they're trying to make so many other hard changes doesn't make sense.
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    I get overweight on purpose just so it gives me something to do. Back when I played sports my trainer always told me not to diet so I will ignore that. You dont have to diet with your normal meals but cut out stuff like caffeine and snacks. If you are a drinker switch from beer to Vodka or Burbon and water. Also Just buy a good bicycle and ride. Also before you go to sleep at night do pushups and situps. Start out light only do like 25 of each and work your way up.
    I'm going to justify the last part with a reply, but a point to remember about athletes is that they can eat *way* more than normal people without worrying about weight gain. That's the main reason your coach wasn't too chuffed about what you ate. Someone who works out two or three hours a day burns a ton of calories, and builds muscles besides. Those muscles in turn increase the amount of calories you burn even while at rest. A pound of fat just sits there while you're at rest, a pound of muscle burns a trivial number of calories maintaining itself. That trivial number adds up across all your muscle pounds and all the time you spend at rest. You can't really apply that to an already obese person. This guy is a long way from being able to self maintain just with exercise. It may happen eventually, if he applies himself, but for now diet is important.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sizzlinsauce View Post
    go live in the woods for a month. that'll do it ! :P
    Lol dunno if you know how to start a fire with some kindling prob end up eating all the animals in there and come out the size of a bear

    Best simple things to do in my opinion what I did after I came out of a 2 year depression after breaking my themur and missing out on a football career cause of a bike accident and I put on 2 stone... was have 4/5 smaller meals a day use like a smaller plate so uknow u aint putting as much on... when you are bored do something pyshically active dont just lounge about even if its a walk or something simple all the calories burnt count in the end! Chew ya food more drink water or flavoured water instead of fizzy drinks etc etc dont have to stop eating things you enjoy long as u exercise u will get fitter and the fitter u are more calories your body burns when ur doing nothing!

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    Know what body type you have is very important (ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph) because all of them have different diets and workout plans.
    I'm guessing you're an endomorph because they tend to store fat more easily so they become overweight more easily if so stay away from carbohydrates (pasta, white bread, ...). And make sure you eat about 6 small HEALTHY meals a day if possible even if it's only a apple. You need to do this to get your metabolism working good.

    And if you eat fruit I suggest you don't pick any oranges or bananas since they contain a lot sugars. Only eat those before or after a workout!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiceDice View Post
    Giving him misinformation such as "You have to eat every two hours to speed up your metabolism" isn't going to help either though.
    Myths and bro-science do nothing but harm beginners looking to get off to a good start and propagating lies and myths harms more than helps even if the intention is good.

    It just annoys me that there is so much bad info. out there.
    He is right. 1800 calories a day, whether in 1 meal, 6 meals, or 60 meals, is still 1800 calories a day.

    I have been reading The Primal Blueprint lately, and it's really opened my eyes in regards to weight loss.

    For the hundreds of thousands to millions of years that humans have been on this planet, most of our time has been spent living in a "primal" state.

    First off, drink only water and unsweetened teas.

    The meals used to be sporadic (depending on IF you could catch or find food) and irregular (as far as how many a day were consumed).

    Fat is NECESSARY in your diet. Processed (and I STRESS, Processed) carbs are not.

    Cut out ALL of your processed carbs (whole grains included) and concentrate on eating meats, nuts, fruits, and veggies (Natural complex carbs are your best friend)

    Move around during the day. You can still play WoW at night, but spending 8-10 hours doing nothing but waiting around for your guildmates to get on isn't helping you. Go to the beach, walk through the woods, walk around the mall.

    Sprint every so often. Do a full blown sprint. 100% energy.

    Also, lift some heavy weights once in a while (every other day or so).

    This is the conclusion the author of The Primal Blueprint has come to in order for you to have a healthy lifestyle.

    He wondered to himself why many tribal people are in the single percent body fat range, healthy (some men even hunting into their sixties and seventies), and have an much, much lower rate of "genetic" (not bacterial) diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, etc.

    He looked into what their daily lives consisted of (heavy focus on the diet as well) and wrote The Primal Blueprint.

    I highly suggest it to anybody who wants to have a healthier lifestyle. It makes incredible sense.

    I have been following this for two weeks, and I have lost 15lbs. so far. I don't count calories, I don't spend hours and hours in the gym (just 60 minutes 3 times a week, lifting weights and "running" a 10 minute mile pace (much slower than what I used to run in the Marine Corps). It has elevated my mood (I'm a LOT happier now, and I am also a lot more outgoing with strangers), and I still find time to raid with my guild.

    PS - Here's how broscience starts.

    *Ripped guy at gym*

    *Skinny guys asks how he got so ripped*

    Ripped Guy - "Yeah, I eat six small meals a day, and use Hydroxycut with a Low-Sugar Whey protein powder. I get eight hours of sleep every night and eat breakfast right after my first workout in the morning."

    *Skinny guy goes and tells all his friends and posts that on bodybuilding forums because he heard it from some guy who seemed legit."

    There's no science behind it, just here-say.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TiduZ View Post
    I read all 12 pages, so your either ignorant or trolling. The advice I gave is solid, more than I can say for yours.
    Because clearly eating multiple meals a day has some magical advantage. Right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fhaz View Post
    I'm honestly intrigued by how you can interpret that as a claim of not hitting your required nutrition.

    Do indulge me, please.
    You said it's better for over all health. I've yet to see anything suggest that, it clearly doesn't matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodin View Post
    PS - Here's how broscience starts.

    *Ripped guy at gym*

    *Skinny guys asks how he got so ripped*

    Ripped Guy - "Yeah, I eat six small meals a day, and use Hydroxycut with a Low-Sugar Whey protein powder. I get eight hours of sleep every night and eat breakfast right after my first workout in the morning."

    *Skinny guy goes and tells all his friends and posts that on bodybuilding forums because he heard it from some guy who seemed legit."

    There's no science behind it, just here-say.
    You forgot the casein shake before bed to prevent catabolism

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    I say that eating 5-6 times a day, every 3 hours or so might keep your metabolism running regular, if nothing else.

    The more important aspect of doing so though is that you never feel hungry, thus dramatically reducing binging, and allowing you to focus on smaller portions all of the time.
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    although every nutritionist on the planet will tell you to eat multiple small meals a day it is simply not a requirement.

    Eating light snacks such as nuts and beef jerky have the same effect, as long as your body gets some protein nourishment every few hours your metabolism does not slow down.

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    Forget all these advices about weights and threadmills and all that
    To begin you need these 2 points:
    Dont eat after 8pm (specially chocolate)
    Go to bed relativly early and rise early

    That is it, after half a month, then start with some activity
    And work out with someone that knows a plan for you to eat 5/6 small healthy meals a day
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    Only reason nutritionists tell you to have many small meals is that it keeps you satisfied, and lowers craves for sugar. It's not some necessity to eat 5+ times a day, but it MIGHT help you eat less in terms of total calories. I'm weak for taking some snacks in between so I generally avoid these mega-multi-meal-madness ideas.

    As many has pointed out, cut carbs. It also has the effect of reduced hunger and loss of any wishes for unnecessary stuff like soda and candy. It takes a couple of days for the body to adjust though.

    Just... cut calories by a fair amount. Personally I dislike the -500kcal per day, because everyones metabolism is different, you might end up thinking you're below your BMR but you're actually standing still with an equal energy-in/out.
    Personally I'm more like 1500-2000 below my BMR... but it's extreme and I wouldn't really recommend it. But I have a lot of pounds to shed and I complement with protein shakes and multivitamin to make sure I never get malnourished. Or so I hope. It's been working well so far, started the first of May, took a 3 week break from it though when visiting my parents and started again last week, lost about 30 pounds, without losing muscles as far as I've noticed.
    It's by no means a permanent diet, of course, but it sure gets the fat loss going.

    Regardless on how slow or extreme you choose to go ahead with your weight loss, cut back carbs, it helps.
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    Regarding the amount of meal thing:

    The benefits from eating a ton of tiny meals a day are very very minor, at best.

    I personally eat 2-3 meals a day. I guess the closest representation would be 2 meals and a tiny snack (like a piece of fruit). Turns out I use a dieting trend/fad called Intermittent Fasting (thanks to Shikomei_TFC for pointing it out). I never feel hungry outside of my ~2 meals per day. I never feel overly stuffed after eating. I get my full amount of calories/macros I need in a day.

    For someone just starting their journey, yeah eating small portions more often may help fight the urges of hunger. But once you're in shape and your metabolism runs like a monster, it isn't really necessary. You're not hindering your body/metabolism by eating a couple of meals or 20 meals a day.

    I know this is a really poor argument towards the subject, but it should be said anyway -- if eating so many small meals in a day is so staple, then they'd be teaching it in all schools; not promoting 3 balanced meals a day. The reasoning is that the gain for having more meals isn't anything measurable. Put 2 people (twins, we'll say) at 6' and 300 lbs. They need to lose weight. They both eat the same foods and do the same amount of exercise. The only difference is how often they eat (1 eats 6 times a day, the other eats 2-3). Their weight loss journey will basically be identical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laqweeta View Post
    This can be done for me. I just don't know what types to eat.. I'm assuming, for Breakfast.. Like, a Bowl of Cereal? or something. That'll be around 7:30 AM. Then, 5 or so more hours I'll have to wait for Lunch. I've already tried this.. And I wind up eating a HUGE sandwich. It's really hard for me to wait for the next meal. :/
    I always have some fruit around, because it's juice and thus lessens my thirst, it also delays the hunger. Apples, Oranges and Bananas are the best choices imo, but I'd like a Kiwi, Mango or Peach from time to time too.

    For breakfast I often eat cereal with chunks of fruit (cut into small pieces), and orange juice. And get some eggs, I found that eggs are more healthy than people often think. Especially when boiled. (My personal preference being medium-boiled). Get the veggies rolling! There are tons of veggies that can taste good with the right recipe, just try to search some.

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    As it has been pointed out, eating proper meals is very important.
    It gets your metabolism working the way it should.
    Eating 3 meals of the correct size is so much better than eating one huge meal.
    Also, don't eat just before you go to sleep.
    If you are hungry drink lots of water. Your stomach will shrink and it will get easier over a few days.

    If you are very overweight you will have to start to exercise slowly.
    Start out walking, then after a few weeks/ month move to jogging and light weightlifting etc.

    Remember you will not see results overnight. You didn't gain all that weight in a few weeks so don't expect to lose it in a few weeks.
    This time next year, however, you could weigh 50-100 pounds less than you do now!

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    Stay away from sugary and junk foods, soda ect. Eat 5 SMALL portion meals a day, example being if you make a sandwich you eat one half and each the other half later. Drink tons of water and try to get a good exercise pattern, I was good with riding my bike for an hour everyday but everyone is different.

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