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    Besides Weezers Buddy Holly and Johnny Cash Hurt, how are the others the best videos of all time? Personal taste I guess but ithe int he end its the NME readers poll I guess and we all know what NME readers are like :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Led ++ View Post
    To be honest, that's what a cover is all about imo. Make the song into your own.

    Though imo this is one of Nine Inch Nails best songs. Has such an emotion that you can just cry for nothing.
    I get what you're saying, and it's true in a sense. A cover is something you should try to make your own, not merely copy the original. But that's not quite what Kris meant. He meant that once Johnny did it, his version was THE defining version, and even though you wrote it and recorded it first, you may as well stop playing it because it will always be Johnny's song to the public. You can't top him.

    When you think about it, not many covers supplant the original. Sure, Johnny's not the only one who's done it, but he's one of very few who did it consistently.

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    True, but well, you're comparing Johnny Cash with Nine Inch Nails here. A lot of people probably don't even know who Nine Inch Nails is, or just know it by name. Johnny Cash is basically a legend.

    Is imo a lot better then Dylan's version too. ^^

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