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    More Macro addon?

    The built in macro area doesnt give me enough room for all the macros I need. I have to keep deleting macros for each boss fight to make new ones...and thats a pain since I'll be using the same macros I deleted the following week. Is there an addon that will allow you to make more macros and save them so you can just drag them onto your action bars when you need them?

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    Just wondering what you need macros in boss fights for that you keep deleting... Targetting macros?

    You can make long targetting macros for all the bosses, e.g.
    /tar Stormling
    /tar Halfus
    /tar Magmaw
    /tar Blazing

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    I make macros for every single add and boss in a fight...then I have assist macros. I deleted a bunch of macros that i had for BoT, BWD and Tot4W and that saved some space...but the general macro area is consumed by macros for four 85's, and then the character specific macros gets filled up fast somehow. As a shadow priest, I am most effective when I can keep my DOTs up on as many target as possible 95%+,so the macros are rather essential for my production and effectiveness

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    Which of these is probably the easiest and best to try first? I just want to be able to create a macro and have more spots to save them, and then be able to drag them to and from my action bars as needed
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