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    Cool Change default "Recent Forum Posts"

    As a long-time lurker/poster in the Guild Wars 2 thread (and then sub-forum), it would be nice if we could reduce the number of trolls and off-topic posts in non-WoW related sub-forums. It seems to me that most users get to the GW2 sub-forum (and other non-WoW related sub-forums) through clicking a random thread title in the recent posts, see it's not about WoW, and leave...or don't, and make a trolling post about the topic. If the default recent forum threads only enabled WoW related (sub) forums, and possibly was saved to account rather than computer/browser, this would greatly reduce the trash in these forums without hindering the users who frequent those sub-forums.


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    Yeah, Rhandric is right, as usual.

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    It would also kill the forums -- any forum that we take off the default front page recent posts list tends to die, as we've seen several times in the past.

    The plan was to add icons so that people can easily distinguish them from WoW forums; I'll poke and see what the status is.

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